Warning signs of domestic violence you must know

Do you think that your partner becomes a beast when he is angry? Watch out, it can be a hint of domestic violence and you can be the major victim of it even before you get the time to realize it. But if you remain bewildered how to assume if your relationship gives any sign of impending domestic violence, ask yourself this question, “Am I getting abused?”. Your soul will be your best judge. We too have come up with a few full proof signs of domestic violence. Recognize them and protect yourself before the water gets over your head.

Your partner’s temper is your terror

The person with whom you have been living might be short tempered. That is not a problem at all, as many people have a bit more anger than the majority of the masses. But if his anger is something that frightens you, then you should be alert! Ask yourself what is the cause of your terror when he is vexed? If you find that your partner becomes an animal when he is angry and gets extremely destructive, then take it as a sign of domestic violence. One day you might be the major victim of such a destructive attitude too.

You seek for rescue during bitter fights

Ask yourself if you often seek for rescue when you have bitter fight with your partner. In case if the answer is yes, then you can be sanguine that there is something that terrorizes you about him and you find yourself helpless to counter. This is one major hint of domestic violence. Analyze the situation carefully and find out why you seek for rescue in such circumstances. Take necessary steps immediately before things get worse.

You often apologize to other’s for your partner’s behavior

Quarrels and strife are common occurrences in a relationship. But it is equally important that things remain within the bounds of your home. Unfortunately, if things are just the opposite and you often discover yourself apologizing to your neighbors about your partner’s behavior while you fight, then we are sorry to say, it is a sure indication of domestic violence. What is the most surprising part of it is that you have not realized that you are being victimized, but your neighbors have! So, they have expressed their grievance, which you are trying to cover up by apologizing. Do not let this happen to you anymore.

Your partner have been physical

Watch out if your partner has been physical during quarrels and fights. Who does not get angry during fights? But that never means that your partner has any right to physically assault you. Most of the times, women overlook such initial instances of physical assault. They remark that their partners feel extremely sorry and beg for mercy when they realize their mistake. But this never an intelligent attitude and you must get your primary indication of physical violence.

Your partner is the sole decision maker

Ask yourself how independent you are in your relationship. In case if you do not have the “permission” to do things as you wish, then it is never a healthy relationship. Your partner is never your guardian or an autocratic monarch. He should not be the sole decision maker in your family or relationship. You should also have the authority to take your own decisions or join him in a healthy decision making. He is supposed to be an understanding better half, or else it will point towards domestic violence in days to come.

You feel embarrassed about your partner’s language

Embarrassment regarding partner can be due to several issues. But if it is connected to the filthy language he uses when angry, then do not take it lightly. Be alert if he uses abusive languages when you have fights too. If he insults you vehemently with those dirty languages, then raise your voice as it is just the beginning of domestic violence. It might also be the case that you avoid taking your husband to your peer group or social gathering, being afraid of his uncontrollable temper and blurring of abusive languages. These are not normal and we will say that you are subconsciously aware of that too. Therefore, it is not right to remain passive.

You obey to your partner’s demands to avoid his anger

Now, we ask you a question. Do you prefer obeying to each and every demand of your partner so that he is never angry? If “yes” is your answer, then find out what has made you as meek as a sheep in this relationship. You perhaps know the answer. It is your partner’s temper. But we ask you to hold on and think if you are doing the right kind of thing. If you are afraid of your partner’s temper and live the life of a slave, then it is nothing but the beginning of domestic violence.

Your partner threatens you with violence

Be alert if your partner gets violent in order to threaten you about something. There might be occasions when you fail to live up to his expectations. But, if you partner takes to violence instead of understanding why you failed to meet his demands or was the demand justified or not, then he is treating you like an animal. Therefore, you can always except to see yourself suffering from instances of nasty domestic violence in days to come.

You feel stressed and depressed about your partner’s behavior

Women, who are victims of domestic violence, suffer from depression and stress in their relationship. If your case is similar and you remain perennially unhappy thinking about the humiliation and assault you receive from your partner, which can be both mental and physical, then there is undoubtedly no need to say that you are already aware of your situation and being subjected to the initial phases of domestic violence. Watch out before things turn nastier.

You fail to understand what does your partner want

People, who take to domestic violence, often leave practically no hint to their partners to understand what they want. Ask yourself if you face the similar challenge in understanding what your partner wants, why does he behave like an animal when angry and how can you satisfy him. These can be major hints that make you understand if you are vulnerable to domestic violence in time to come.

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