Tips to make a wedding cake out of twinkies

We all love Twinkies since our childhood and love to incorporate this sponge cake filled with vanilla cream into their weddings. Well, you can certainly add this spongy goodness to your wedding and while making, you will get a glimpse of your naughty childhood. You will even save a lot of your money that you can spend on other important wedding things. Below are some easy steps to make the best wedding cake out of Twinkies.

Wedding cake

The thing you need

1. Twinkies {approximately 25-27 unwrapped one}

2. One round {4 inch} created from thick Styrofoam {Styrofoam of approximately of 4 inch thick}

3. Another round { 8 inch} created from 4 inch thick Styrofoam.

4. White fondant {2 to 3 pounds}

5. Two colors of commercial grade coloring

6. Prepared decorated frosting

7. Two cardboard cake rounds


1. First of all, prepare fondant and frosting. You should use all white for a wedding cake as it gives a true appeal to the cake.

2. Then you will have to divide fondant in each half and tint each half in a variant color. Do the same with frosting and tint each half in a different color.

3. You can wrap each Twinkies in a different color fondant.

4. Now, its time to make the top layer of the cake. Place the 4 inch Styrofoam round in the middle of 7 inch cardboard round. You can use little piece of fondant to hold the Styrofoam in place.

5. Now, just arrange 10 Twinkies wrapped in fondant and frost them with prepared frosting.

6. Now do the same assembling the top portion by gathering Twinkies, cardboard round and Styrofoam.

7. Now its time to place the top layer on the top of the bottom layer and that’s your wedding cake made out of Twinkies. You can also buy a unique cake topper in order to make the wedding cake more attractive and special.

Things to watch out

1. While buying Twinkies, go for fresh ones.

2. Top the wedding cake with family heirloom.

Via: wikihow

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