Tips to make a wedding toast

So, your friend is getting married and you are the maid of honor! If you have never made a toast before, you might feel nervous and the whole nervousness can severely generate a tied in your tongue and your palms can get sweaty. It can happen with any of us so let’s talk about how to make a wedding toast? The first and foremost thing is have an immaculate clothes. Buy some expensive bridesmaid or best men dress and get a perfect makeup. The things you are going to say on their special day is up to you but there are some common things that can make or break your dream of making the best wedding toast. Read on:

To make a wedding toast

Tips to make a wedding toast

1. The first thing you should be doing to write a toast. Some people gets over confident and end up screwing the whole wedding party. Even if you want to be spontaneous, it’s a good thing to carry a written toast as it will make you more confident from within.

2. Try to give a humorous touch to the writing note but don’t use anecdotes that are vulgar.

3. You can simply makes notes of some important incidents related to you and your friend rather than writing the whole speech.

4. Get time to rehearse your speech and keep doing until you feel that you are comfortable with the speech.

5. Wait patiently, most of the time people get bewildered when their turns don’t come, most commonly the best man gives the first speech and then the father and then mother etc. So have a little patience and don’t lose your calm.

6. Fill the glass ( if not filled) with the some wine or champagne around you. Don’t raise a toast of water as it is considered to be offensive in some cultures.

7. Introduce yourself and announce your relationship with the brides or groom. Don’t go too long with the introduction part as it looks mundane.

8. Now, it’s the high time to give the speech while looking in the eyes of the person you are toasting too.

9. Don’t forget to look around to other people too.

10. At last, end your speech on a smiling and positive note and Thank you!

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