Tips for making wedding comfortable for the disabled brides or grooms

A bride is a bride and it has nothing to with disability which she might have got. And it becomes the duty of all the wedding participants that include family, friends and the wedding guests; that they take good care and make the day special for the bride and the groom. There are things that you can do to make the wedding accessible for such individuals. Not necessarily we mean that both bride and the groom would be disabled. And also it maybe a temporary disability. Boost up the confidence and joys of the wedding couple with these tips for making wedding comfortable for the disabled brides or grooms.

Accessible wedding

1. The wedding venue and the wedding reception venue must be chosen such that they lie in the closet proximity. This will lessen the distance that the disabled bride or the groom will have to undergo.

2. If the bride or the groom are unable to walk then providing the wheelchair with an attendee is must. Wheelchairs can be trciky for the disabled bride as her wedding dress can get caught in the wheel. So be cautious and try to choose a simpler wedding dress.

3. Keep the bridal bouquet in the lap of the bride as she is taken down the aisle.

4. Using internet for the wedding planning, will be the best thing to do. This will minimize your presonal effort of going here and there for the wedding preprations.

5. The familes of such brides and grooms must take care of all the minor details of the wedding and try to make the wedding as much as memorable for the wedding couple.

6. Ask guests not to stand when the bride or the groom is on the wheelchair. This will give them a motivation.

7. Never pity upon such brides and grooms. They are disabled but they are not useless. They know how to live and sometimes they even give a fair competition to even the abled persons.

8. Do all the wedding activities like they should be. Cake cutting ceremony, wedding dance and all such things should be done in the usual manner.

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