Tips on how to make the most out of your wedding trousseau shopping

Your trousseau will include almost everything you might need for at least the first six months of your married life. Here’s how you make the most out of your wedding trousseau budget.


Tips on how to make the most out of your wedding trousseau shopping

Clothes, makeup, toiletries, footwear etc. all need to be packed for your new life. Here is how you go about it.


  • Jewellery – Stick to the basics when it comes to your wedding jewellery. Do not buy excess of it and avoid heavy ornate designs that you will most probably never wear again. You can also opt for some artificial jewellery or a mix of semi-precious stones for your combs and earrings, etc. Choose glitter whether gold, silver or pearls that will go with most of your outfits so that you do not have to keep changing the jewellery for the different functions organized in the run-up to the wedding as well.


  • Wedding dress – Your wedding dress is going to cost a bomb if you buy it from any designer. The upside is you can get your tailor, a well-trusted one to do the job equally good and save yourself a lot of money. Make sure you get all the fitting and all done perfectly. If you do not mind spending a lot of money then you can go ahead with it and compromise on the rest.


  • Post-wedding – For your wedding wardrobe purchase only those that you will need during your honeymoon, the rest can be brought later easily as fashion and weather changes. This will also give you time to figure out what are the things you need and buy them when you need them instead of purchasing random things which might turn out to be unnecessary. Buy a good mix of garments that can be mixed and matched on your honeymoon. If you want to save on the luggage, you can also purchase them at location, that is if you are not being whisked away to an undisclosed location.
  • Important tips:
  • 1. Shop during Sales . You get such wonderful stuff, that too at half the prices!
  • 2. If you know your wedding date beforehand and have a lot of time prior to the wedding, then go shopping during off-season, a lot of so-called sales during wedding seasons are in reality just inflated rates with a discount tag on.
  • 3. Stick to your budget and buy only the things on the list.

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