Tips to stop a wedding

If you are also planning of doing something like those in movies where a person halts an ongoing wedding ceremony to get the true love back then, you should certainly read the article as we are going to tell you some important things to keep in mind before taking this really emotional decision. Now, apart from being practical, we can certainly say that in reality, stopping a wedding is a really difficult task and can backfire on you but still, if you think you are justifying in doing so, you must go on.

Tips to stop a wedding

1. The first step is not about acting but about thinking before you go on to stop the ceremony. Ask yourself a question that are you doing it right by hurting someone’s feelings (the person with whom your loved one is about to get marry) ? Talk to your friends about all this and analyze the whole situation before coming to the conclusions.

2. Before directly banging on in an ongoing wedding ceremony and stopping it, try to meet your loved one personally. You must be sure that halting the wedding is the only solution you are left with and you are certainly going to get the person you love back in your life.

3. Have a cool posture when you enter to wedding venue. Try to call the person (bride or groom), you have a history with. It’s always wise to talk to the person you love few days before the wedding so that they can at least be mentally prepared for any of this kind of situation.

4. If this is the wedding day and you are still unable to convince the person and the only last option you are left is to go to the wedding venue and halt it, then be all ready with some great or really influential worlds. Prepare a speech that express your true feelings (Why you want to halt the ceremony or why you don’t want that person to marry someone else) and rehearse it by heart.

5. Get a suitable place where you can wait after saying what you wanted to say. Don’t be in hurry. Raise your voice enough by saying “I object” when marriage celebrant says anyone object the marriage. Speak all those words that you have prepared expressing genuine reasons why that person shouldn’t marry the other person.

6. Stop a bit after you have said whatever you wanted to say. If your beloved person objects, don’t be emotional and start doing something random. This will increase the odds that you are stuck in a bad part of the audience. Be gracious and move quietly out of the venue. Doors don’t close here. You can even talk to your love even after the wedding or honeymoon (because if you love someone, it’s certainly doesn’t matter if he or she married now or not).

7. If the person take the decision to be on your side than be ready to take the charge and immediately escort your love away from the venue to get rid from the family pressure. Enjoy your life with the one you have always LOVED!

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