Tips to select your bridal bouquet

It is once in a lifetime that you hold your favorite flower bouquet that is specially created for you to carry all day long on your wedding. No doubt, it needs to be unique and custom-made per your choices. But, if you are unsure of what flowers you should have in your wedding bouquet, and what color, shape and size you should go with, here are some tips to help you make a good choice.


  • Select your wedding dress first: Getting your wedding dress ready is very important before you go to the florist for a matching bouquet. The wedding bouquet should be such as to enhance the look of your dress, hide its silhouette and balance its line. If you take professional help in selecting your wedding bouquet, the experts would recommend flowers that go well with the details, shape and style of your dress. So, it’s important that your dress is matched to the flowers and not the other way round.
  • Consider your bouquet’s size and shape: This is an essential aspect to be taken care of as the bouquet should not hide the details of your dress. It should also not hide the narrow waistline of yours and thus needs to be narrower than the waist. Do not spoil the details on the skirt portion of your dress by selecting a trailing bouquet. It would suit more if you wish to give a longer look to yourself. As opposed to this, if your dress has a long trail at the back, a dramatic bouquet would easily balance the look. So, go for the kind of bouquet that goes well with the shape of your bodyline and the details of your dress.


  • Keep a check on seasonal flowers: You would not find all the flowers available in your wedding season. So, identify and make a good choice out of the ones that are available in your wedding season.
  • Match flowers with the dress color: There are beautiful flowers like Silver Brunia, Coral Charm Peonies, Roses or Crespedia that would look perfect in a wedding bouquet, but you should know that all these would not go well with every type of dress. Your dress color is very important to make a choice of the flowers in your wedding bouquet. So, you should show the exact dress color to the florist when the flower selection is being done for you or the bridesmaids.


  • Personalize your bouquet: If you like some special brooch or a laced hanky, you could always ask the florist to add it to the stem in order to give a personalized look to your wedding bouquet.

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