Tips to shop for the perfect wedding trousseau

Your wedding day should be your dream come true and you should look perfect with the perfect dress. Contrary to what people might think, trousseau shopping is not a piece of cake and might take up a lot of time and induce stress. Follow these top tips when you go trousseau shopping for your wedding.


Tips to shop for the perfect wedding trousseau

  • Plan – Plan when you will go out shopping, what you will go out shopping for and when . Shopping for your trousseau will require you to purchase everything which you will need as a newly married bride in a new place, home and family. If you are moving to a new city altogether, plan what you will need according to the place’s climate . There might be a lot of ‘well-wishers’ who will be giving you a lot of suggestions but this will only lead to anxiety attacks. So sit down with only a few people you really care about and vice-versa and then do all the planning. Make a budget while you plan.
  • Make a list – Mothers are truly God’s gift to mankind. Most of them , if not all, start collecting things for the trousseau long beforehand. Such things may include vintage ornaments handed down from generation to generation. So make a list of the things you will need to avoid spending extra money unnecessarily on things only to find out that your mother has already bought them.
  • The time factor – The optimum time you should have on your hands to plan everything for your wedding should ideally be at least three months in advance. Do not forget to keep a tab on time when you are out shopping for the trousseau. Sure, take your time deciding but do not procrastinate thinking you have a lot of time.


  • Accessorize- Accessories are equally important when you are planning for the wedding attire. If you have a theme in mind, like going all natural or embellished bouquet, make sure the accessories compliment your look as well as the theme’s.
  • Stick to the budget – As the wedding date draws near, you will find that you are panicking and all the careful planning has gone haywire and you are spending too much without even realizing. Well, don’t. You have made a budget, so stick to it. And not panicking towards the end is exactly why you should plan and keep the time in check.

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