The Top 10 Myths of Marriage


Marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth it’s said. A marriage is not just a social obligation for two adults to exist together in a society but have a far deeper significance. While marriage is considered to be a holy matrimony between the bride and the groom, there is no doubt about the face that a lot of marriages are going bust across the globe. With more and more marriages ending in divorce, it’s essential to understand some of the popular myths related to marriage that can not only help in cleaning the cobwebs of the mind but also help in evaluation the significance and the art of marriage intact for long.

Myth #1: Marriage is all about Love and Romance
While it may be true for the initial honeymoon period, all marriages like any other relationships have their ups and downs. And they lived happily ever after is just fantasy. While marriages may have their low moments, it’s important to keep afloat and walking with your spouse to stem the rough tide.

Myth #2: Your Spouse is your Best Friend
It helps if one can have a spouse as a best friend but it’s not downright essential. If you do not feel comfortable in sharing certain aspects of your life with your spouse, don’t push them and confide in your friends instead.


Myth #3: Marriage Dries Up Sex life
It’s an absolute myth that married couples have a dry sex life compared to single people or lovers. The truth is that since most married people have a deep emotional connect they in fact have a more satisfying and enjoyable sexual experience.

Myth #4: Marriage Leads to Domestic Violence
Marriage has nothing to do with domestic violence. Although there may be a case of under reporting domestic violence in some cases, violence has got nothing to do with matrimony per se.

Myth #5: Having a Kid Helps
While parenthood is the most cherished blessing of life, it does not add a healing touch to a souring relationship. Try talking out your issues with your spouse instead of hoping that the kid can heal the world.

Myth #6: Marriage Benefits Men More
Contrary to the old belief in various cultures, marriage helps both the husband and wife in equal measure.

Marriage 3
Myth #7: Successful Marriage is related to Luck
It’s wrong to blame luck if a relationship goes sour. Couples that iron out their differences are lucky and it’s not a game of chance but a social perception.

Myth #8: Live In Relations Work as Much as Marriage
Live in relationships cannot be equated to a marriage as the essential trait of commitment is lacking in live in relationship as compared to a marriage. Live in relationships have a higher break up rate as compared to marriages.

Myth #9: Couples Don’t Argue
Nothing can be further from the fact that couples have their share of fights and arguments. Learn to agree to disagree is one of most basic traits of keeping a healthy marriage intact for a long time.

Myth #10: Marriage Has No Advantages

Marriage has no advantages is a complete Myth. Married people live a longer and more emotionally balanced life. Emotional balance leads to better health and better living rather than simply existing in isolation.

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