Top budget gifts for summer weddings

Weddings are also an occasion when gifts are exchanged and while this is something that we have to do, your budget may not permit it, so how does one give an interesting gift without burning a hole in their pockets:


The bride and Groom:

Part of the wedding celebrations is the weddings favors-these are small mementos that thank the guests for partaking in the event of a life time. Some guests often throw out wedding favors as they are nothing but useless wedding decor that cannot be used anywhere-and who wants that? It also isn’t fair to have a wedding favor that forces the guests to do this, so plan out your wedding favors to be something that is pretty, in keeping with the theme of the wedding and indispensable.

For example, if your wedding is in winter, you can give your guests personalized lip balms by ordering custom lip balms with unusual colors and flavors that your guests will be thankful for. Another outlandish yet really great idea is a special box of donuts made your local bakery or confectioners-these are perfect for the hangover the next morning. Summer wedding favors can be a jar of organic jam, a tiny s’mores kit or sunglasses and miniature succulent plants in tiny pots or teacups- these are in keeping with a garden theme and are something that people can use in their own lives.


The guests:

Finding the perfect gifts for the bride and groom can be quite a challenge, especially if they are people that you don’ t really know very well. buying wedding gifts are like a sales, you will want to be there before all the good stuff and the affordable stuff is gone.

If you can’t find anything that falls in with your budget, gather some friends or relatives and pool together cash to buy a gift that you give together, this way you have to feel guilty over buying a cheap gift and you won’t burn a hole in your pocket. If the bride and groom is someone you know very well, then you will have to invest in a gift that is very personalized- it can be something that the they like in terms of foods, or a paid vacation. If it is a couple that you don’t know, then you can gift them a gourmet gift basket, gift cards and something that they will find useful at some point into time.

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