Ugliest wedding cakes

If delightful, gorgeous and tempting were the words you thought would symbolize a wedding cake perfectly, then how about ugly, disgusting and unpleasant? Yes, you read that correct. We have a bunch of weirdoes for who ugly means beautiful! Here are a few creepy wedding cakes you might want to take a look at.

Baked skeletons to feast your wedding desires

Baking up the idea to nab his wife

Veggie cake served sweet with salt and spice

WTF: RIP cake for the wedding?

Baked sweetness served with sand for lots of crunch

Who on earth killed those dolphins on my cake?

Deer head cake gives me Goosebumps

I still wonder why they made it!

Ugly prawns to taste sweet… eeerrr

Kamasutra cake is freakin’ my desires

Now a cake to launch you nowhere

This cake just screwed my geekdom

Wedding is business to me, my love

Runaway groom cake, catch him before he’s gone

And now a position to learn from your wedding cake

Shit head

Disgusting dead Tauntaun cake ruins the wedding

Boot up your wedding

Hell on a shell

WTF: I don’t look all that bad, or do I?

Sweet tear is what I fear

Eh!!! I just dropped the idea of a wedding cake

Welcome to hell honey!

Why did you crap on my wedding cake?

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