Unique bezel set engagement rings for bride-to-be

An engagement ring can be something that one will preserve throughout their life. And, if you are seeking for an engagement ring that comes in par with the quality; bezel set ring can be the best choice. The concept of bezel helps people admire the diamond so, here are some of the best designs that can help to choose the token of your love to that special one.

Single stone diamond ring, 0.35ct – Marquise cut

This is a beautiful piece of engagement ring that would be desired by every single woman out there. The marquise cut of the diamond sits perfectly on the white gold ring. The diamond has a claw shaped design in between which gives it a double diamond effect. The bezel is yet again made out of a set of diamond. The ring is made out of 18 carat diamonds. The ring weighs around 0.35 ct. This piece would shimmer and make the future bride blush to glory.

¼ carat diamond 14K white gold bridal engagement ring

This ring symbolizes gorgeousness. The princess cut diamonds provides the dazzle to the engagement ring. The ¼ carat diamonds are placed very appropriately on the white gold ring. The cut of the diamonds help them sparkle from far away. The bezel set around the diamonds is made by the same white gold used to make the body of the ring. White gold is amazingly lustrous and adds to the sheen of the whole ring. The design of the ring is definitely unique. This diamond ring is perfect to symbolize endurance of love.

Romance inspired engagement ring

This ring is framed quite differently. The ring has a spiraling effect which is related to the love and romance. The ring is made on a silver base which has been coated with rhodium to shimmer like white gold. With a diamond in the center surrounded by sets of small diamonds the ring bears a royal touch. The bezel set also is made to perfection. The center diamond has a rounds cubic cut. This spiral ring when worn would bedazzle your hand and take you to the land of romance which is the theme of this ring.

Princess shape designer diamond engagement ring

Extremely simple to look at but gives you an amazingly rich feel when worn. This princess shape designer diamond is bedazzled with a square diamond in the center and surrounded by tiny round diamonds placed in between the bezel set. The diamonds are certified and are of 0.50 carat. The base can be either white metal or platinum or even gold. This is a really wonderful engagement ring that a person can give. The rim of the ring is sleek and is also bedazzled with diamonds. The square design of the ring looks splendid on the ring finger of any kind of a person.

Clustered and colored diamond ring, 0.23 ct centre- brilliant cut

Another unique engagement ring is this clustered and colored diamond ring. This ring is something one dreams of. The perfect shape of the ring comes with the placement of a brilliant cut diamond in the centre and diamond set bezel. A little amount of the body of the ring is covered with diamonds as well. The brilliant cut ring is placed in a four claw setting that gives a little traditional look to the ring. Platinum is the selected base for this engagement ring. This ring could accompany a wedding ring perfectly as it is certainly something desirable.

Alba engagement ring

This engagement ring looks very simple but the diamond which has excellent cut provides the ring a bold look. The ring is symmetrical with a pair of diamond strand on each side of the center diamond. The ring is 0.44 carat. The design of the bezel is said to be asscher shaped. The platinum base is solid and on a whole the ring has a contemporary look.

Clustered and colored diamond ring, 0.11 carat centre – modified brilliant cut

The ring is based on the platinum metal with clustered diamonds. There is a colored diamond in the center which is formed with a color described to be something like vivid purplish pink. The diamond is cut to modified brilliant cut and is settled with a four claw design. There are two bezel sets covering the center diamond. Also, a little amount of the shoulder of the ring is studded with diamonds as well. The clustered diamonds weigh 0.69 totally. The diamond is very rare and has been certified by the IGI.

Two stone ‘S’ bezel diamond ring

The base of this beautiful piece is that of white gold that is 18ct. the weight of each diamond is 0.25cts. There is an ‘S’ shaped bezel and its two curves have these two solid diamonds. The shoulder of the ring is attached with the help of solid tapering. The ring acquires a gloss finish due to the shiny diamond. There is a sense of simplicity but also a touch of desirability that is developed by this design.

Asscher cut solitaire ring

Weighing about 0.50 carats this solitaire diamond blows the persons mind with its shape. The body of this unique engagement ring is made out of white gold which is only a boon to such a type of single diamond ring. The type of the setting is that of bezel set again made out of white gold. This diamond gives the feel of getting lost in the maze like one gets lost in love. This is because of the cut of diamond.

Cross over engagement ring setting in 18k yellow gold

This design of an engagement ring is just ultimate! The glowing gold base holds the diamond with the help of an invisible bezel. Due to this the diamond appears to be floating. The yellow gold base is chosen to give in more light for the diamond . The diamond can be either round or princess cut weighing anything between 0.25ct and 0.50 carat. This ring is best of its kind and certainly would suit everyone.

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