Unique rustic wedding ideas

The charm of a rustic themed wedding extends to (and depends on) the perfect setting, and more importantly, on creative ideas and subsequent planning. Here are a few unique ideas to draw inspiration from when you begin planning your very own rustic themed wedding. Remember to add your significant touch to any of the ideas that you choose to give it a more personal touch. After all you know the best as to what elements hold special meaning for you on this grand day.

Rustic wedding invitation ideas

The wedding invitations should reflect the careful selection of the main theme. In this instance, rustic should sway towards a relaxed and charming appearance. Choose natural materials for your rustic wedding invitations, as they best portray nature and country elements (so inherent to a rustic theme). Some of your options might be Balsa wood (or any decorative lightwood) cut outs. You can also use parchment (old country scroll style) and even decide to roll each invitation with a strip of lace to bring out the best in old world charms. If you have a varied mailing list for your wedding, you can always opt for picture postcards of the countryside (customized by using your own photography skills) as your wedding invite options.

Rustic wedding flower ideas

Flowers are an important touch for every celebration. On your wedding day, the flower arrangements are a part of the theme and the essence of the occasion. Rustic wedding theme needs just the right touch of floral bouquets, flower arrangements, Flower table centerpieces (and in some cases, flowers are a part of the wedding cake decorations). The obvious choices will be the flowers that are most common to the countryside; you can arrange wildflowers in to coronets for the bridesmaids, sunflowers, daisies, and even lavender can add the preferred rustic outlook. Also, extend the rustic themed ideas for the flower arrangement holders and settings throughout the venue (creative ideas such as cheerful watering cans, country weave baskets, and even clay jars).

Rustic wedding reception ideas

Rustic wedding reception ideas should include creative customization of the reception venue, the dinner and table settings, the wedding cake, and the music. You need to weave in the rustic flavor throughout the event but be careful not to overdo it in any aspect. Keep the contrasts to bring attention to the more delicate aspects (for instance, the colors of the cake can include the traditional white interwoven with a base color of tan, orange and mauve to bring attention to the fall colors of the countryside). You can also add different place settings and napkin holders that relate to the rustic theme (color, texture, and even pattern of the table covers, settings and name cards). The venue can be a country garden, a boathouse, a farmhouse, or even a substantial hunter’s lodge.

Rustic wedding decoration ideas

You can bring out just the right look for your rustic wedding, with correct selection of the wedding decorations. The setting and the venue will only do half of the job; the decorations are the essence of the ultimate romance that you would want to portray at your wedding. The creativity should extend to the colors, lights and the touch of floral arrangements. Cheerful colors are an option (such as the bright yellow of the sunflowers, the blue of the cornflowers, or even the multicolored garlands and coronets of wildflowers). Twinkling fairy lights to bring a romantic glow to the event and you can even add typical country elements such as bales of hay; summer vegetables and even corn (do not hinder your creativity but do not go overboard with it).

Rustic wedding favor ideas

Wedding favors are intended as small tokens of appreciation for your guests. They are something to take away from the event to cherish the memories. Rustic wedding favor ideas might include any number of small surprises that remind them of the country charm too. Small pots of honey (from the local beehives, if possible), cookies depicting rustic elements such as barnyard animals or the wedding lodge, small jars of homemade jams, or marmalades (wrapped up with colorful cloth pieces, affordable and very much a part of the theme).

Rustic wedding cake ideas

The wedding cake has to be ideally matched to the theme of the wedding, as it is one of the attractions (and favored ritual) of the occasion. Fortunately, the rustic theme allows for a lot of creativity in this area. Your confectioner can help you choose from a variety of fall colors and decoration elements such as custom made ornaments depicting the popular elements of the area. Wedding cakes can also be designed on the lines of natural attractions (such as a birch or maple tree). Add live flowers, berries, and local fruits as the decorations on the cake (you can also opt for designing these elements out of the fondant or butter cream icing on the cake).

Rustic wedding centerpieces ideas

Rustic centerpieces are more likely to be informal to suit the relaxed rustic flavor. A little creativity will go a long way into designing the perfect rustic centerpiece out of quite a few elements (and all local, collected from around the country area). Consider a bright flower arrangement of Dahlias, Sunflowers, Hibiscus, an array of bold colored roses and sweet wildflowers. Set up the complete arrangement in to a clean but old metal watering can, bucket, or a tub. You might also add berries, twigs or other such unique elements to your centerpieces to make them more interesting.

Rustic wedding food ideas

The cuisine, especially on your weeding, should not only be vast enough to satisfy varied guests’ tastes, it should have the unique quality to attract attention also. The objective is that the guests should be just as impressed of the rustic wedding food as with the efforts towards decorations and entertainment. Corn on the cob, potato salad, and summer vegetables blended in fancy raviolis, penne pastas, or sublime tasting salads; these are just some of the ideas for a cuisine under the rustic theme. You can also serve chicken and duck cooed in the old country style, yet served with just a hint of modern cranberry sauce or crème hollandaise.

Rustic wedding attire

The attires for a rustic wedding are more informal. The attention is on the comfort, and the objective is to gel with the theme. The bride can get a gown designed just right to portray the vintage look. The groom might consider fancy attire, but elements such as a morning coat and top hat are very much a part of the country style. Bridesmaids and groomsmen must also be outfitted with clothes that are rustic and chic (best suited to the wedding style).

Rustic wedding venue ideas

The wedding venue will mark the beginning of the theme for your wedding. With the right venue, you already have half of your job done for creating a romantic rustic themed wedding. Every piece of detail and decorations should be matched to the theme and the venue. However, you have to select the venue much in advance to plan the perfect themed event. Some popular choices for rustic theme weddings include The Great Cask Hall(Hope Estate’s), Tocal Homestead(Heritage Hay Shed, Australia), and Pepper’s Creek Barrel room(Hunter valley). You can always choose your own country home or farmhouse for the event (since, these venues will hold a deeper meaning for you).

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