Unique ways of using rose petals on the wedding day

Name any special event and it is rose that first comes to one’s mind. Often roses are utilized to fashion an ideal romantic setting, besides it can also be utilized in many other innovative ways which will enable one’s partner in knowing how special and important they are. Using roses can be an ordinary and stale gesture, so one should try in being creative and use both the rose and its petals for displaying their romantic and sensitive side. orange Rose Petals_£7 the real flower petal confetti company wedding petals autumn fall

Rose petals – the archetypal wedding accent

Rose petals have always been a part of wedding traditions since a long time. Yet there are ways of making it one’s very own. Petals especially of roses are an archetypal wedding accent. These are beautiful and vibrant, soft and so very alive. No wonder, rose is known as a universal icon of love. In fact, no marriage bed can ever be complete without the presence of rose petals.


Innovative ways of using rose petals on the wedding day

An aisle covered in rose is an image of a wonderful fairy tale. Walking down the aisle has been a ceremonial and traditional affair. An amazing way of using rose petals is by cushioning one’s footsteps with bright rose petals for symbolizing their love and commitment. For best results, one can match the petals with their palette. Regardless of where one puts them, petals of rose are beautiful.


You can decorate your table with a beautiful scented candle and tossing few rose petals at the base or you can also arrange these in rows for less haphazard look. The next time you wraps up a gift for someone special, especially at a wedding, slipping a few rose petals inside the wrapping paper will be an innovative idea. Roses work best firstly because they are romantic as well as give a wonderful aroma. This will be a fantastic surprise for the special someone when they unwrap the gift.

Whether one chooses in having a circle comprising of rose petals, put around the groom and bride’s table, or prefer putting them in some bowls containing water, together with a candle, this will be a simple and innovative technique of making a good impression at the wedding reception. Flower girls also utilize rose petals.

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