Vintage wedding rings to complement a royal wedding

Is your wedding knocking at the doors? Are you almost through with the shopping for your nuptial except for the wedding ring? In case if you are bewildered about buying the perfect ring for your wedding, then take a tip from us. If royal marriages and traditional attires have always popped in your mind every time you thought of wedding, then you should always settle down for vintage wedding ring. Either you can have a look at your grandmother’s closet or take a glance at the best of the lots we have compiled here. You will surely find your hot pick to felicitate your own royal journey of the lifetime.

3 Ct Princess Cut Diamond vintage wedding ring

The best accessory for a cathedral style wedding will undoubtedly be this vintage style wedding ring. The all diamond look of this vintage wedding ring captures the essence of royalty and sophistication of a classic wedding. Thus, a minute look at this ring will reveal a sparkling diamond with princess cut contour set right at the bottom of the jewelry. The glare of the diamonds is further enhanced by the prototype mini versions of the central stone arranged all over its circumference. The single line of tiny diamonds mounted all through the band harmonizes with the all diamond luxurious look of the same.

1.5 Ct Square diamond vintage wedding ring

Your manicured hand will get a touch of class on your nuptial when your ring finger gets adorned with this classy and pricey wedding ring. The square diamond that adorns the ring has been fringed with a single line of miniature diamonds all throughout its border. The double lines of metallic bands that lie parallel to each other have also been embellished with series of diamonds. Thus, the sparkle emitted as a result reflects the grandeur of the occasion.

1.33Ct SI Diamond vintage wedding ring

Sleek yet chaste and classy this vintage wedding ring is the choice of the modern brides to be. The white gold body of the ring features perfect symmetry with the precious diamond on top. The hand engraving that is visible all along band as well as around the face of the master diamond at the center will make you amazed. The tiny diamonds that are studded all thought the band brings out the beauty of the ornate engraving manifold.

0.79 Ct diamond and white gold vintage ring

This vintage wedding ring will complement the overall appeal of a royal marriage ceremony most ideally by virtue of its gaudy look. The natural diamonds that adorn the hood of this ring is sure to grab your attention. A closer glance will reveal seven brilliantly cut natural diamonds shining brightly in order to set the perfect mood of your nuptial. The intricate handwork that is predominant all though the ring gives it an Oriental look.

1.05 Ct Diamond moissanite moissanite vintage wedding ring

This vintage trinket reflects a perfect combination of everything with nothing. Are you confused? So, here we go at it in details. Take a closer look at it. You will find that the ring is segregated into two equal sections. The lower part is a plain metal while the upper part presents a royal lift in the form of delicate carvings and incorporation of diamonds. While the diamond at the middle depicts the royal charm the tiny species adorn the ring further.

Sterling silver bezel CZ vintage wedding ring

Capture every moment of your romantic wedding and acknowledge it by gifting her retro style vintage wedding ring like this one. The glimmering of the bezel set diamonds and zirconia stones in this vintage wedding ring will show how much you love her. The combination of simplicity prevalent at the lower part of the band with the extravagant look of the upper part stands for amalgamation of past, present and future. So, what else could be your perfect expression of timeless love than this?

0.925 Ct sterling silver and diamond vintage wedding ring

Set the right mood of a royal wedding by getting hold of this intricate vintage wedding ring. The beauty of the ring lies in the 2 carat round cut diamond mounted at the center of delicate 4 point carving. The paved setting with diamond embellishment on either side of the glimmering central diamond gives it a look that resembles straight from the designer’s boutique.

0.9526 Ct round diamond vintage ring

This attractive vintage wedding ring pays homage to an antique themed matrimony in the most subtle fashion. The round diamond at the center and the garland of tiny diamonds adorning the same with its two layered ring-like contour makes your wedding ring the most prominent jewelry amongst all the other jewelries you wear on your wedding. The contrasting slim band of this ring with a series of diamonds brings out the prominence of the round sparkling diamond even more.

1.5 Ct Oval diamond vintage wedding ring

Most traditional yet modern, the beauty of this vintage wedding ring is its 1.5 Ct oval shaped diamond. The series of tiny diamonds that are embedded all along its circumference grab the attention of the beholder towards the fresh new shape of this diamond. The band of the ring is equally amazing. The double layered structure that culminate from the base of the diamond comprise of two different layers of diamonds as well along with subsequent artistic hand work. The amalgamation of the layers into one simple band is a great measure to site break from monotony. This vintage wedding ring qualifies all the parameters to be a considered as a prestigious family heirloom.

Emerald cut square diamond vintage wedding ring

The square diamond with shimmery emerald cut and the carved, bejeweled band running all through the ring gives it a Victorian feature. The 4-phong setting is further adorned with mini diamonds and hand work all over the open edges. The heavy look of this ring is the ideal way to ask for her consent to be with you throughout her life.

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