Ways a pregnant bride can make her wedding extra special

Planning a celebration for a life-altering event is a hectic job, doing the same for two major events can be tricky. If you have timed your wedding perfectly, you are almost ready to glide through the whole thing with no concerns.  For all the ladies who are pregnant and planning a wedding, we have some advises to help you pilot your wedding and make this special day a lot more extraordinary.

  1. Scheduling the wedding


To float through the event and maximize on the fun, chose the timing of the wedding somewhere in the second trimester. The morning sickness usually lessens by then allowing you to be more comfortable. To avoid night sickness, opt for a daytime wedding. Remember, to not stress a lot about the wedding preparations, stress does not work very well with pregnancy, try getting a wedding planner or just setting the tone of the wedding a little low to avoid unnecessary pressure.

  1. Rejoice in a smarter manner

beautiful pregnant girl having breakfast

There are a number of things that you have to consider when you are with child and about to get married. Opt for a healthy drink to replace the champagne or you could hydrate with water. Get the caterer tutored over pregnancy-secure diet and make sure you eat frequently after short intervals. Remember to not over-exert, take regular breaks to sit down and regain your strength.

  1. Shopping for the perfect dress

bride with eyes closed

Choosing a gown for your pregnant self is a challenging decision to make, with your changing body and fit it is wise to go for a gown with an empire waist line. This will make sure you fit well in your dress with your adorable baby bump. Maternity gowns might be restricted in design options but with the right additions and choice of fabric the choices can be immense.

Light fabrics such as chiffon and crepe can provide a snug fit avoiding over-heating and chances of dizziness.

Avoid choosing lace panels if you have a risk of getting itchy. Choosing a simple gown in one size larger than your fit can be helpful in staying comfortable. This will also allow you to take your frequent pee breaks without the hassles of getting stuck with a complicated dress. Elegance is drawn from simplicity; avoid gowns with extra ruffles or bows and do not restrict to a white gown. If the options in the market are not suited with your choice, get a custom made dress from a salon.

  1. Shoe Shopping

Avoid large heels and choose by comfort. Remember you are going to be on your feet for a long time, so go for a lower heel height to make walking around more comfortable and safe. Buy two pairs of shoes with broad based heels to walk down the stairs elegantly and avoid any extra stress on your ankles. Your feet will swell during the course of the pregnancy, so do not rush into a salon to buy the shoes right away. Choose one pair in your size and the other one a half size larger.

  1. Book a professional makeup artist

bride make-up.

Pregnancy hormones can work wonders for your skin, you get that pregnancy glow and your hair are better than ever. But hormones cannot be relied on solely; sometimes they can mess up your complexion and to avoid this from happening, book yourself a pro makeup artist. Though it is smarter to avoid any heavy hair treatment at this time, you can ask for the simpler procedures or just tie your hair in a beautiful bun or braid.

A pregnant bride has two events to look forward to, and while you cannot prepare yourself a hundred percent for motherhood, your wedding day can be designed to comply with your body demands while still fulfilling your fairy-tale wedding dreams.

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