Right ways to wear wedding ring

Wearing a wedding ring is a good way to seal the tiny fortune of your love in your hands. A wedding ring signifies trust, dedication, loyalty and your love towards that special one with whom, you want to share your life. Wearing the wedding ring on your hands also signifies that you have already been betrothed to the one you love the most so, this wedding ring means a lot than just slipping it on your fingers. There are always some specific ways to wear this token of love and below are some ways to wear a wedding ring.

Wedding ring

1. There is an ancient Roman belief that wedding ring should be worn on the ring finger of your left hand. According to that ancient belief, left hand is closer to our hearts so we should wear it on ring finger of the left hand. This tradition is followed in almost entire world except countries like Germany where people wear the ring on the right hand.

2. Your engagement ring and the wedding ring should be worn on the ring finger of your left hand. Though, engagement ceremony is held first but according to Roman traditions, wedding band should be worn first and then your engagement ring.To get a glamorous look, an highly ornamented engagement ring and a plain wedding band makes a great combination.

3. Occasionally, you can have a hip by wearing wedding band by sliding onto a beautiful chain and wear it as a pendant around your neck. However, if you work in some industry or in such an occupation where it can increase the risk of injury, you can consider of wearing an alternative wedding band that is much safer and secure.

4. You should look around people wearing wedding rings in public, if you don’t know what is the wedding tradition in your country.

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