Why do we wear a wedding ring: Everything you should know about the custom

Wedding is probably the most primitive ceremony that retains its significance till today. This ceremony is linked with a lot of co-existing rituals without which we cannot even think of the same. One of the most prominent rituals that have become a vital part of the Christian wedding is a wedding ring. It is not only a ring that you exchange with your spouse during wedding ceremony, but the manner you must wear the wedding ring is also a significant thing. So, if you are eager to know why the ring holds such a significant role among all other jewelry, why is there a specification on how to wear it and what are the most popular and luxurious brands of wedding rings, then you must read on further.


Wedding Ring

The birth of the tradition of wedding rings during marriages has its roots in the ancient Egyptian civilization that rose up in North Africa, on the banks of river Nile. The old myth says that Egyptians believed Nile brought good luck to the people who lived in the fertile plain beside it. So, the plants growing along Nile were the receivers of this blessing from the river. Therefore, the reeds, sedges and the branches of these plants were twisted and braided in the form of smaller and medium sized rings. The smaller ones were worn by the would-be-married couples on the fingers and the medium sized ones as bracelets as embodiment of this perpetual blessing.

The circular shape of ring is also significant. This explains why the ring is the chosen piece of jewelry for a wedding. A circle is the symbol of dynamism. It does not have a beginning or an end. It is eternal. The hollow space inside the ring does not signify vacuum. It is actually the gateway to the new world that is both known and unknown. It also resembles the shape of sun and moon. So, this belief, obtained from the Egyptian as well as other ancient civilizations of the world became a part of the wedding ritual.

Evolution of wedding rings

Wedding Ring Evolution

From the discussions so far we can conclude that Egypt was the site from where the custom of wearing wedding rings initiated. But it is important to note that the Egyptians did not use metallic wedding rings as we use today. For them, wedding rings were simple, twisted strands of papyrus. At a later stage, the importance was felt for making these rings durable. So, papyrus strands were replaced by metals. It was not the precious metals that we see today that became the monopoly metals for wedding rings, the primitive ones were mainly made from copper, iron and brass. Still later, gold and silver started reigning. Now, platinum and titanium are choicest metals for wedding rings.

Left vs. right hand?

Wedding Ring Ceremony

On which hand should you wear wedding ring is also debatable and is largely dependent on the tradition followed by different countries. United Kingdom and some Commonwealth Nations and countries like Italy, United States, Sweden, France, Italy, etc traditionally followed wearing wedding ring on the left hand. These counties believe that the veins of the fourth finger of the left hand connect directly to the heart. So, when couples wear the wedding ring on their left hand they commit to have eternal love for each other. But, countries like Greece, Germany, Spain, Russia, Venezuela, Poland, India and Columbia wear it on the right hand. According to them the left hand is ‘sinister’ or negative and the right hand is ‘dexter’ or positive.

While orthodox Christians and Eastern European counties wear it on the right hand, the Jewish people wear it on the left hand. It is interesting to note that the Catholics of Netherlands wear the ring on the left hand while those in Austria wear it on the right. In Belgium, the picture is even more amusing. Hence, the hand on which the wedding ring must be worn varies from region to region.

Best Makers

1. Tiffany


Whenever you think of blue in your wedding, it is got to be Tiffany and Co. The signature blue color of the company is the mark of the world’s favorite wedding jewelry. It boasts of its quality, sleek design and different price ranges to suit different client needs.

2. Tacori


Practical pricing, quality and authentic European design are the most characteristic features of Tacori wedding rings. You can have designer wedding rings for that special day but in a much economical rate than a dear designer price.

3. Simon G

Simon G

If you are in the look of glamorous wedding rings that comprises of intricate design, beading and fine engraving, then settle for Simon G. Each of the jewelry of Simon G is a standalone piece that is worth buying.

4. Cartier


If you do not mind your pocket but prioritize on your love then Cartier is the best option for you. The designer wedding ring collection of this brand will surely leave you spellbound.

5. Verragio


This company shows its true commitment towards its customers by segregating its wedding jewelry in five basic categories. For Instance, the Eterna Collection handles the wedding rings while Verragio is committed to create bridal jewelry. These expensive jewelry are the owner’s pride.

Best styles

1. Chocolate diamond rings

Chocolate diamond rings

Now the rush is all about chocolate colored diamonds. These rarest pieces of diamonds are found in a ratio of 1:1000 colorless diamonds. A wedding ring that contains brown diamonds is the most expensive gift for your beloved.

2. Solitaire Diamond Wedding Rings

Solitaire Diamond Wedding Rings

Simple and streamlined design with a single diamond mounted at the center is the signature style of Solitaire Diamond Wedding Rings. The conventional shape of this precious stone is spherical but you can find some fancy shapes as well.

3. Platinum wedding rings

Platinum wedding rings

This is a new trend in wedding rings that platinum reigns as the basic metal. The steel like shine and the simplistic design of platinum wedding rings is loved by many. Its only drawback is that it gets scratched easily.

4. Titanium wedding rings

Titanium wedding rings

Active couples prefer titanium. It is light weight and unbreakable. So, it will wear all the wears and tears that you subject it to. Its super shine and pocket friendly attribute is preferred by many.

5. Vintage Diamond Rings

Vintage Diamond Rings

A call from the past is always noteworthy. So, a vintage wedding ring with beautifully cut diamonds still remains the best of the lot. These vintage wedding rings can be made from pure gold, white gold or platinum. But the richness of these remain eternal.

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