How to make wedding bouquets in cascade style for the bride in less time?

My sister is getting married next week, and since the groom is in army, and the wedding was supposed to take place after three months earlier, all had to be hurried up, as he has to leave next week! Nonetheless, since we are running out of time, I thought of making the wedding bouquets for my sister and 3 bridesmaids. I started with the simple ones for the bridesmaids, and have used a stem of white orchid flower with three Camellias and wrapped a damp paper around the stems and kept them in the fridge to store. I would use a ribbon and floral tape to combine them for the wedding. However, for my sister, I have chosen white and purple orchids, and I intend to make in a cascade shape. I haven’t bought the flowers as yet, as the florist advised me to take them in the morning of the wedding, as it is best made with fresh flowers! I would really like to know how to make a wedding bouquet in cascade style for my sister in as less time as possible! Can some professional wedding florist please advice?

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