Which is the best place to get a wedding dress for an inexpensive wedding?

My boyfriend and I are planning to tie the knot, and since none of our parents are here with us, we are planning to conduct a private ceremony with just a few friends, and then have grand reception next month, when we go back to our town! Presently, we are living in a small town South Carolina, and since we really wish to make our wedding quite inexpensive, I want to get some ideas regarding the dress. The venue has been arranged by a common friend, and we would just exchange vows and then party with friends at a local restaurant. This is the plan for our wedding, but I really going nuts thinking about an inexpensive dress for myself that should be simple but kind of structured. I am indecisive between two, Light in the Box, and David Bridal. Which of these do you think is more inexpensive with more detailed work? Please somebody advice!

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