Wedding Diet: Foods to bring you into shape!

In case your marriage is just round the corner and you are perplexed about how to get rid of those bulged out tummy and those few extra pounds; depend upon the endless potentials of slimming foods. These foods help you in keeping full for a longer time and decrease your frequency of appetite. Some of them are low in fat and discourage the accumulation of excess fat in the body. So, let us check out the food that will slim you down and make eyes drool as you walk down the aisle on your D-day like a diva.


With soups, your scope of culinary experimentation are varied. You can prepare your own slimming soup using the vegetables you love. Further, you can add your personal touch by adding a dash of peppercorn or a cube of low fat cheese to make them yummier. The most noteworthy feature about soups is that soups helps in keeping you hydrated. Soups are the best way of eating sufficient veggies in a delicious and intelligent manner in comparison to vegetable gravies and curries, so that you intake the nutrients and expel the fat content.

Low fat dairy

Dairy is perhaps the doctors prescribed food for women. It is a grand way to eradicate the chances of bone related disease like osteoporosis, which is a common menace among the fairer sex. The best thing about dairy is that it is the storehouse of loads of calcium. The more the quantity of calcium in the cells, the more will be the rate of burning of fat. Thus, you will like to know that dairy helps the body a lot in the process of burning of fat. But as you have targeted to slim down, opt for low fat dairy products, at least three servings a day, so that your body fat is cut down gradually by the time your wedding day approaches.

Whole grains

Whole grains are wonder foods that allow fewer carbohydrates to get stored in the body. Thus, you must include whole grain items in your regular platter to help you in shedding weight. You will also get the bonus advantage of making the blood sugar level stable and aiding the body in the expulsion of LDL or bad cholesterol. You cannot overlook the dietary fibers contained in whole grains too, that expel the chances of constipation. These whole grain products will help your stomach in feeling full for a longer time and checking your glutton.


Fishes must make an integral part of every diet occasionally, if you are planning to lose a few extra pounds from your body. They are rich in dietary proteins and Omega-3 essential fatty acids. So, your brain and neurological functions will get a boost with fishes. But the good news about fishes is that they are low in saturated fat, cholesterol and calories. So, you will not have any fear of getting obese. The recommended dose is that you must have two to three servings of various types of fishes a week in you wish to look slim and trim on your wedding day.


You must have a handful of assorted berries regularly such as blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and cranberries. Berries comprise of sumptuous amounts of Vitamin C, zinc and loads of antioxidants. You can also incorporate berries as the better substitute of sugar for your food like cornflakes, oatmeal, etc. Berries will be a great inclusion in your weight loss project that will supply your body with sufficient energy at the same time.


If you feel frequent hunger, get hold of legumes to satisfy your naughty appetite. You can get hold of legumes like beans, soybeans, peas and lentils and soak them in water or dry them as per the instructions in the packet. They will be a healthier alternative to the fat-filled munchies. You can also have cooked legumes. These are rich in high fiber content and will also aid your body in countering vulnerability of diabetes, heart diseases and various forms of cancer.

Orange colored vegetables

You will be amused to know that orange colored vegetables are a great means of nourishing your body and keeping you filled for a longer time. So, you will cease to feel hungry very frequently while the natural nutrients like Vitamin A, beta carotenes, lutien, potassium and carotenoids will work towards maintaining the health of your skin, hair and body. It is important to mention here that ‘carotenoids’ stabilize the level of blood sugar and hence work in countering weight gain. So, eat enough of bell jars, pumpkins, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc, everyday to get slim and trim faster.


In spite of having the bad name of spurring weight gain, we will suggest you to have almonds in moderation in order to lose weight. Eating a small handful of nuts everyday will rather be effective in spurring your energy, providing your body with natural proteins, vitamins and minerals, adding fiber to your diet and improving the texture of your skin and hair. The recommended dose for you will be maximum of two to three servings in a day as in between meal filler or tossed with breakfast cereals.


Grapes are one of the best foods recommended as weight loss diet. The natural fiber in this fruit along with water content is helpful for your system and supports normal metabolism. Natural potassium and Vitamin C, along with lycopene contained in the red varieties boost the condition of heart and also reduce help in the reduction of insulin level. When you eat grapes all the nutrients of it will be absorbed by your body minus the fear of accumulation of fat.


Eggs are delicious and healthy way of keeping you full for a longer time. This poultry miracle is one of the authentic sources of natural protein. Researches also show that those who have eggs in breakfast have a lesser tendency to intake additional calorie for the next twenty four hours. So, this is a reason quite substantial enough for you to have at least one egg a day in order to slim down before your nuptial.

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