Wedding dresses for geeky brides

Geeks have been known for infusing every aspect of their lives with whatever their object of obsession is. From gadget-lovers to fans of superhero movies, geeks around the world try to bring a part of their obsession to the fore of their everyday lives with products inspired from their favorite franchise (which is perhaps part of the reason why the Superman Underwear is still popular among men and why light sabers are a staple in any Star Wars-enthusiast’s collection!). Though girls have never professed their love of geeky style as their male counterparts have, the trend is starting to catch on and an increasing number of geeky brides are ditching the traditional white wedding dress for more risque outfits. Here are a few wedding dresses for geeky brides.

Philips’ SKIN technology dress

The SKIN technology dress by Philips Design is perhaps the ultimate bridal gown for the geeky bride since the dress demos how electronics can be integrated within wearable garments and fabrics. The technology in the dress enables something that Phillips calls ’emotional sensing’ which allow the personality of the wearer to be reflected via the electronics used in the design. The two prototypes include a body suit called ‘Frison’ which bursts into a magnificent display of tiny LEDs when the garment reacts to the wearer’s body temperature. The other dress is called ‘Bubelle’ which features delicate bubble-like patterns that emerge when the costume reacts to skin contact.

Galaxy Wedding Dress

Created with 24,000 LEDs, the Galaxy Dress lets any bride shine on her big day. Using LED bulbs measuring 2×2 mm that are powered by iPod batts and over 4,000 Swarovski crystals hand-applied to the surface, the dress can “glow” for over an hour. Currently on display at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, the Galaxy Dress is also the world’s largest wearable display which means that geeky brides can use it display cutesy messages or graphics to make their special day even more exotic.

Techy Vintage Wedding Dress

For a bride who is looking for her ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’, this vintage lace dress made using a lace frock, circuit board, old motherboards and key caps could be just the perfect outfit. Created for the Davis Design Contest by Wendy Chen, a student designer at the Wellesley College, this award winning dress is also quite feminine which makes it the perfect geeky-but-not-too-geeky wedding gown!

Fluid Dress

Created by Charlie Bucket, the Fluid Dress may not be all white or any other traditional bridal hue, but it does make for one heck of an eyeball grabbing outfit for the bride who doesn’t want to wear white at her wedding. Powered by a pump and made from knitted tubing measuring around 600 feet, the glow in the dark color can be infused with liquids in any color which opens up a world of exciting possibility for geeky brides.

Enlightened Wedding Dress

The Enlightened Wedding Dress is for the romantic-at-heart geek who wants the softness of candlelight to be reflected quite literally in her bridal gown. The puffy dress features over 300 gold-tinted LED lights that give it a golden glow and a magical aura.

Wedding dress by Matthew Reading

Maryland Institute College of Art student Matthew Reading is the brains behind this pretty feminine gown that comes with servo motors, LED lights, conductive embroidery thread and a LilyPad Arduino microcontroller. The glittering electronic gown boasts of a Victorian-style edging, a full lace skirt and a very simple bodice that make an elegant wedding dress for the geeky bride who doesn’t want her geekiness to overpower her big day!

‘Elieux’ Wedding Dress

Every bride wants the lighting at her wedding to compliment her face. For the bride who doesn’t want to leave the lighting effect to chance or the wedding planner or Mother Nature, this LED-lit wedding gown from a Japanese designer based in France could be the perfect choice. The design is called ‘Elieux’ and it comes with strategically placed lights that highlight the bride just the way she wants.

Special Illuminated Lighted Wedding Dress

Thanks to the tremendous developments in the eTextiles sector, illuminated dresses are no longer relegated to looking like the interiors of disco bars of the ‘80s. This particular bridal gown is called the Lighted Wedding Dress and it is created by eTextile artist Alison Lewis. The dress features 300 LED lights concealed within the fiber-optic fabric called Luminex. The under skirt area of the dress is fitted with the pockets for the battery pack and the circuitry necessary to put on a light show and helps the more controlling of brides manipulate the illumination according to her liking.

Lego Wedding Dress

Brides who do not want their wedding gowns to be traditional affairs, the Lego dress worn by Fergie at the Kids Choice Awards could be a great “alternative” idea. The dress can be customized by the bride to feature crude graphic patterns or words and she can even choose to add as much volume to her skirt as she likes by simply adding on additional layers of Lego bricks!

Star Wars Wedding Dress

This Stormtrooper costume-inspired dress is the perfect bridal gown for the Star Wars fan and boy are we glad someone made this. The naval baring dress may not be suited to brides of every body type, but we think it would look just lovely with a veil and the bride can even carry a bouquet of mini light sabers to match her dress!

iPad Wedding Dress

For the geeky bride who cannot be stolen away from her iPad, this dress could be just the chic alternative to a massive white gown with an iPad compartment sewn into the hem. The dress might be a bit challenging to maneuver around the aisle and may make sitting down at the wedding reception and the first dance a bit uncomfortable but being surrounded by iPad on all sides may make up for it emotionally.

Geeky Star Wars Death Star Dress

With a serre-tete fashioned like a TIE Interceptor and galaxy tights, the Star Wars-inspired Death Star dress by designer Jennifer Landa is just the dress to go with a Star Wars-theme wedding. Though the dress is a little short for the bride with a more traditional bent of mind, the mini light show its frock puts on more than makes up for its, er, outlandishness.

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