Wedding favors- homemade and green

Weddings are beautiful in every sense of the word and they are the most important and special day for the bride and the groom. Weddings require a lot of planning in order to be wonderful and perfect. There are many arrangements that have to be done such as the outfits, cake, flowers and of course the wedding favors. The wedding favors are the gifts given to the guests as they are about to leave after the celebration. There are a lot of options available when it comes to wedding favors. The bride and groom always want their wedding to be special and unique which means that the common wedding favors are out of question.


The world today is becoming quite conscious about the dangers that cloud the environment and that is why people are going green. Going green means they are adopting environmental friendly methods of living. Today you can also find wonderful wedding favors ideas that are homemade and above all they are green! What better option than giving a great green wedding favor to your guests. Green wedding favors will not only qualify as unique but they will also be environmental friendly. People will really love them for not one but many reasons.


A twig candleholder is one fine example of a homemade green wedding favor. It happens to be a tree inspired wedding favor that can be easily made at home. The twig candleholder can be made by anyone and everyone and all it requires is a few things. Another great wedding favor that is green and homemade is stick frames and this one too is one of the good ones. Stick photo frames are also taken from the trees and are very simple to make at home.


Birdhouses are also among unique and great wedding favors and they can be made very easily at home. There are tons of designs available when it comes to bird houses and with eco friendly materials they will qualify as green wedding favors. There are similar options for everyone with different tastes such as shopping bags, pinecone frames and candleholders. Wedding favors are suppose to be great and ultra special as if they are not then the wedding will be a little short of being wonderful. The guests at the wedding will be overwhelmed by the effort and the idea of a homemade wedding favor which is very much environment friendly.

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