How to organize a Royal-inspired wedding

The royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William of Wales has inspired many women around the world to have a royal theme for their own weddings. Here are a few ways in which you can capture the royal magic for your own wedding.


Get a historic church

Royal weddings are all about traditional, pomp, pageantry and a lot of rituals and ceremonies. Even if you aren’t a royal by blood, you can still include your favorite elements from a royal wedding in your own big day. Book a church with rich history or one that your own family has deep ties to.

Horses and carriages

No royal wedding is complete without a horse and carriage procession. Make sure that you hire one to ferry you to and from your wedding venue. If you can manage it and have the kind of resources, you can also ask a local stable to lend you a bunch of horses and riders to make your procession look grander.

Hats galore

A royal wedding typically involves a lot of formalwear for both men and women which is topped up by outrageous hats. Even if your family and friends aren’t “hat people”, you can still ask them to wear one for your ceremony. Ask men to dress in tuxedos and tailcoats and top it with a ten gallon hat while ladies should be asked to wear dresses with coats and a matching hat!

The kiss on the balcony

Royal etiquette demands that public display of affection must be kept to a minimum. If you are planning on making your own day feel truly royal, you too should consider giving up the kiss on the alter in favor of a grander one where you and your new husband can walk into a balcony on a higher storey and kiss for the very first time as man and wife as your peeps cheer you on!

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