Wedding Gifts

Groomsmen Gift

hey all!
 i have come here with hopes. this wedding thing has taken its toll on me. i cant seem to decide even the simplest of things. dats y m here. i think its best to ask people who can play it cool. i need some ideas on Groomsmen Gifts. t

Bridesmaid Gift

hi, i want your precious suggestions on ‘bridesmaid gift’. 

the problem is its a little too late to do the brain-wrecking thing. although i gave them a thank-you card. but i don’t think the effort and time they have put in is rightly

Bridesmaids Jewelry

can anyone here suggest something about bridesmaids jewelery? my sister is gettin married next to next week in a beach side wedding. although i know the perfect jewelery wud be shells and stones. but i dun want the obvious choi

Gifts For Bridesmaids


i am getting married fall autumn. need something to give to my 5 bridesmaid and one maid of honour. ple

Shower Favors

i am throwing a wedding shower party for my daughter. the theme is ‘red hearts’. i would like to know what gifts as shower favor can be given to the guests. please suggest something which can go in accordance with the theme. i have seen customized stuf

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