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Weddings are one of the occasions where each and every average human being has got it into the psyche to make the most of. It is one such occasion where everyone strives to show his or her best, in whatever manner he or she can. Of course, it is an event of happiness, two souls meeting in wedlock, that is something to rejoice.

In recent times, weddings have undergone a whole lot of changes, with all the progressions and changes in tastes and trends. Now is the age of destination weddings, where couples travel to a specific place to get married. Herein is given some of the best spots in the world to organize a theme wedding.


Tahiti is one of the places in the whole world where you can get all sorts of facilities for organizing weddings, especially because such a large number of people do go to the place in order to get married. Get married in style, Hawaiian style, and create a horde of memories. From the sun to the sea, everything in Tahiti calls out to you to hold the hand of your beloved and fall in love.

Bali is another spot, where you can get to see the best of the treasure trove of nature. Bask in the ocean’s lap, get a resort with a view of the ocean, and get ready to tie the knot. Bali is really a welcoming place, and as of today, it is a popular destination not just for weddings, but also honeymoons and as a tourist spot.


Castles are one of the places where everyone likes to get married, simply because of the essences of royalty bursting forth, for the grandeur and glory. If you want to make a lasting impression, get married anywhere inside a castle, it may practically be the best place to get married, for its ambiance  You may even get to do a royalty themed wedding.

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Maldives provides some of the most picturesque places to get married to the love of your life. The sun-kissed beaches and the salty sea waters all provide the perfect atmosphere to get married. Romance is laced with the air here. Apart from that, a profitable exchange rate with dollars and ready wedding facilities make it the place to go to.

Parks may seem ridiculous, but in order to stay within the city and yet get a natural theme for your wedding, they are the only viable options.

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