Weddings With Personality: 4 Unique Ways to Celebrate Marriage

Unique Ways to Celebrate Marriage

If you prefer all the trappings of a traditional wedding, that’s great, but there are new trends among engaged couples that indicate unconventional ceremonies are growing in favor. More and more, couples are wanting a wedding service that reflects their colorful personalities and their shared interests. Thankfully, there are infinite ways to express you and your partner’s style so your wedding will be as scintillating and unique as you. Here are some unique ways to celebrate a marriage that can be distinctive, fun, and sure to be a hit with your wedding guests.

1. Eco-Friendly Weddings

Eco-Friendly WeddingIf you and your beloved are passionate about the environment, why not reflect that in your nuptials? Eco-friendly weddings are on-point in this day of ever-growing concerns about the wellbeing of our planet. These unique wedding ceremonies don’t necessarily require more planning, and they don’t have to be more expensive than traditional weddings. An eco-friendly wedding merely requires being mindful of potential waste and staying focused on environmental sustainability.

For example, choose recycled and easily biodegradable materials for invitations, place settings, or anything likely to be disposed of when the wedding is over. Also think about wedding decorations in terms of what can be repurposed, recycled, or donated. Better yet, look into renting whenever you can rather than buying. This helps save the planet and can save your budget too. When it comes to the reception menu, opt for sustainable and local ingredients which will reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding. Additionally, consider serving smaller meals to avoid waste. An eco-friendly wedding makes a statement about your commitment to the environment that your guests (and mother earth) will appreciate.

2. Charitable Weddings

Talk about weddings with a purpose! As you might guess, the primary focus of a charitable wedding is about giving back to a worthy cause. If you have a heartfelt cause such as helping the homeless or finding homes for rescue dogs you can plan your wedding around a purposeful movement that makes a difference in the world.

Start your charitable wedding momentum by making it clear to guests that instead of gifts, you are requesting donations to the cause of your choice. When it comes to food and supplies to make your wedding a smash-hit, go with purchases that donate a portion of their proceeds to the charity you can get behind. The venue of your wedding might be another opportunity to give back. Select a non-profit location or a place that contributes to your cause. These actionable steps can make a big impact on the charity of your choice.

3. Gender Reveal Weddings

Gender Reveal WeddingThankfully, the days of feeling awkward while walking down the aisle with a baby bump are long gone.  In this modern age, minds are far more open about embracing a new baby in conjunction with celebrating nuptials between happy couples. To illustrate, there is a new trend that incorporates gender reveal celebrations along with wedding ceremonies.  This can be a beautiful blend of unifying a couple in matrimony while also revealing the sex of a baby simultaneously. A gender reveal wedding lends itself to loads of fun activities for wedding guests and lots of fabulous festivities. For example, gender reveal confetti cannons can announce whether the newly married couple is having a boy or a girl. It’s a thrilling moment and a clever combination of celebrations that is sure to invoke joy and delight within you and your wedding party.

4. Timeline-Themed Weddings

This is a unique way to celebrate marriage because it follows the past, present, and future of the loving couple during their wedding ceremony.  A timeline-themed wedding focuses on the history of the couple as well as the hopes they hold for their future. If you like this idea, then consider Incorporating a simple timeline in wedding invitations that demarcate milestone moments in your relationship that brought you both to this present moment of matrimony. Maybe you can factor in an artful roadmap mural of the journey with your beloved as a featured decoration at the wedding ceremony. Furthermore, think of wedding vows that tell a story about how you two became intertwined and how your lives became enriched by coming together.

With a timeline-themed wedding, you have many options. Like creating an anniversary box. This is a type of time capsule for your future. An anniversary box is a symbol of hope for many happy future years in your marriage. The idea is to place items like a bottle of champagne, love notes, or sentimental trinkets that represent your marriage bond in a box. Once you’ve filled the box, bury it in a special place. Then, upon your first anniversary, invite all the guests that attended your wedding to dig up the anniversary box and celebrate the memories as well as the ongoing strength of your union together.

Closing Thoughts About Weddings That Suit Your Style

Whether you go eco-friendly, charitable, or nostalgic one thing is true…weddings don’t have to follow convention and they don’t have to be traditional.  The most important detail about planning your wedding is that it is a reflection of you and your partner. Hopefully, these tips on unique ways to celebrate marriage inspire you both to express your personality on your wedding day and for many happy years ahead.

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