Weirdest shoes for a bizarre wedding

Wedding shoes, one of the most important parts of the wedding day attire is something we often overlook. It’s not always your wedding dress that helps you steal the show; sometimes even your shoes do the trick. All you need to do is needle your wild side and pick the most weirdest shoes for your big day. Grace your feet with any of these wild shoes we’ve listed here and make heads turn.

I just shot with my goat shoe

Alien gait for a humane walk

Shoe Dove

Clay boot for your garlic-essence

Give your walk a rhino stride

Bone-afide step

Step-up aquarium

O-fish, it’s my wedding

Shoe for the pied piper

I like my horny style

Don’t walk, skate your way to the wedding

Tit-up you elegant walk

The shoe wireframe, order me this size

Catapult your walk to the alter

For a chair-ful walk

Strapped up to never lose a step

Long bootedness

For a viral spiral walk

Transparent walk down the isle

Shoe-gan Fox…

Climb up the ladder to walk high

Banana peel shoe and a stable stride

Shoe for the game boy girl in you

Lips don’t lie

With all my heart for you

All set to drive to my wedding

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