World’s most freakiest couples suggesting love is actually blind

World’s fattest man is also fattest husband

The saying ‘love is blind’ may be one of the world’s most overused expressions but it didn’t crop up without reason. Giving life to this age-old adage are several couples you would never expect to get together. Each is the opposite of the other and while some of the examples might make you wonder what they were thinking, it’s not for us to judge or even begin to understand. All we know is that it makes a pleasant change from the usual golden couples we see on television and magazines and is a proof that love does indeed seem to be blind. For some of us at least. Here are some of the most freakiest couples

Overweight woman of 756 pounds and slender chef husband

The first in the list of the most freakiest couples truely speaks volumes on the saying – Polar opposites physically. Susanne Eman will marry svelte Parker Clack, a chef, in the hopes of becoming the heaviest person on earth. At a time when most women are looking to cut down their weight, Eman seems to be going the opposite direction. She’s a mother of two and is looking to touch a massive weight of 1,610 pounds, a number held by a previous record holder. She consumes a whopping 22,000 calories every day which is 11 times more than the advised amount for a woman of 33 years of age. Contrary to what most people say about weight making them feel uneasy, Eman says that her size makes her feel sexy and attractive. Her husband is only too happy to fulfill her desires and loves to cook for his fiancée.

7-feet tall husband and 5.2-feet tall wife

It’s believed that tall men tend to go for petite woman and Russian boxer, Nikolai Valuev, who stands 7 feet tall, seems to have set that belief in concrete. His wife, Galina, is a petite woman who’s just a little over 5 feet in height. The odd pair has two children and appear to be quite happy in their marriage. Valuev is also called The Russian Giant owing to his huge frame but seems to be a softy at heart, even writing a love poem to win Galina over. The pair met in 1999 and married in 2000.

Centenarian marries 17-year-old girl

The year 2009 was a memorable day for Somalia and, in particular, Ahmed Muhamed Dore and his teenage wife, Safia Abdulleh, a 17-year-old. It was the first time in over a century that a centenarian married a woman young enough to be his great-great-great-granddaughter. The strange match-up occurred after Dore waited for Saifa to grow up to a marriageable age. He said she wasn’t forced to wed him but did so after he convinced her if his love. The bride’s parents are said to be pleased with the marriage.

32-year-old man weds 70-year-old woman

We’ve heard of older woman marrying younger guys but this entry takes it to the next level. Septuagenarian Edna married Simon Martin in 2005 with many certain that the marriage would fail. However, the duo seems to have defied the odds, even renewing their vows in 2011. The pair had caused an outrage when they first came out with their relationship. Many viewed Edna as being a predatory granny and Simon as a cross-dressing virgin. But the duo appears least concerned with others mutterings and look set to stick it out. They may be one of the most freakiest couples; however, they do show us that love does not see age.

Woman tattoos her body for love

When Jacqui Moore divorced her husband of seven years, little did she realize that she would fall for Andreas Moore, a 45-year-old tattoo artist. Jacqui decided to get inked following her divorce and met Andreas at the tattoo parlor. The two have been together ever since and Jacqui has had 85 percent of her body tattooed by the love of her life. Inking is said to be a very personal and spiritual experience and we can’t imagine anything more bonding than having your better half do the honors.

Couple renews vows after husband has a sex change

Most wives would desert their husbands if they came out of the closet but for Anne Watson, the decision didn’t dent their 9-year marriage. Her relationship with Barry did hit a rough patch for a while as Anne suspected her hubby of having an affair. When he announced that it was a sex change he wanted, she was rightly angered. But time seemed to have healed all wounds and Anne finally accepted Barry’s decision with the couple even renewing their vows after the sex change.

World’s fattest man is also fattest husband

Manuel Uribe holds the 2007 title of being the fattest man in the world. After his marriage in 2008; he also holds the record for being the World’s most fattest husband. His wife, Claudia Solis, has been trying to help her husband shed his massive weight and Manual even refused to break his commitment on his wedding day. The world’s fattest man is so heavy that he’s been confined to bed for the past six years. On the day of his wedding, a special bed mounted on a truck helped him ‘walk’ down the aisle. As one of the most freakiest couples; this duo surely gives us the real meaning of being in love.

Husband cares for tiny wife

Chen Weijin, who measures just 80 cm tall, is lucky to have such a loving husband in Chen Jingde, a man of average height. Weijin’s small stature means that she can’t perform ordinary housework like other wives and she relies on Jingde for many of her needs. The couple has a son who’s a migrant worker. The husband, meanwhile, works as a delivery person, supplying liquid gas bottles and replacement water cooler containers on his makeshift pedicab. Although you may consider them as one of the most freakiest couples; however, they are a perfect example of the saying – Real love means acceptinga person the way the individual is.

For handsome husband, looks don’t matter

We don’t know the names of the couple; but what we do know is that looks don’t seem to matter when you’re in love. A perfect example of looking beneath the surface; the handsome man pictured above married the love of his life, a not-so-beautiful woman. We have no details on either of them, except that they’re happy and very much in love.

Young man weds a grandmother

A young Nigerian man of 20 years recently married a 72-year-old grandmother in Lagos, Nigeria. The union was accepted by the boy’s family and though the pair-up does seem unlikely; who are we to argue with love? The wedding comes in the wake of another man who wed a 68-year-old grandmother recently.

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