Worst gifts to gift your husband on the first night

Convention and tradition say that on your first night together as husband and wife, both of you gift each other something to mark the occasion or in other words, a gift. If you are one such newlywed bride, then before you spend money on your husband’s gift, here’s a list of gifts you should check out that you should never ever gift your husband on the first night.


1. A Gift Box of Cologne.

This is one the most common choices for women to gift their husbands or boyfriends. Remember that even though he says ‘thanks’ then , it is most likely that he will never open it the second time and it is not because he will not appreciate it. There are very few men who really use aftershave so make sure your man is one of them. Leave out the cologne for later, you will get a lot of time to discover the things of utility he wants.


2. Any household appliances.

Even if your man loves to cook, it will not feel very special to him to get a waffle maker on your first night .


3. A gift certificate for free massages by you.

It is your first night together so the coupons can wait for the many years you are going to spend together afterward. Anyway, the coupons are a cheap invention , he is going to come to you when he’s in the mood and vice versa.


4. A Pet Dog, Cat, Hamster, Fish, Birds.

If you really love pets and animals in general, and you know for sure that your newly-wed husband likes them too, even then, it is never acceptable to gift your husband a pet on the first night of the wedding. Pets just make a lot of noise and litter and gifting them will make sure that you two do not get enough time to spend together right from the start. And gifting a pet on the first night will take out all the romance out of the first night.


5. Anything that has to do with other women.

You are spending the rest of your lives together so it is better if you leave out the women who came before you. Do not gift him anything that will remind him of other women, even as a prank. You will just be asking for trouble.

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