Best bridal shower gifts ideas

Customarily, a bridal shower epitomizes the goodwill and blessings showered on a bride-to-be for an idyllic married life ahead. As wedding holds a great significance in everyone’s life, bridal shower is one such occasion to pamper and prepare the bride-to-be for her new life as a wife. For a bride-to-be, this is a day to pamper herself to the fullest and graciously bid farewell to her spinster days. At this juncture, friends and relatives collaboratively create an ambiance of fun and frolic and shower the bride with gifts of their choice. Anything ranging from sexy lingerie that will excite her life to a food processor that will ease her life can be a perfect bridal shower gift. Listed below are a few ideas that enhance the whole gifting experience of that particular day, making it a memorable one for the bride-to-be.

1. Exclusive gift cards

Exclusive gift cards

Consider buying some amazing gift coupons for the bride-to-be. Choose from a wide range of spa treatment, fitness program, diet counseling, to exotic shopping and eating experience. This will allow to pamper and dedicate some quality time for herself.

2. Buy her a dream


Anything that the bride-to-be ever wished for in her life should be at her command. This could be an exotic holiday option or a vintage collection of jewelery, a designer dress, some exotic chocolates or even a fine dining option. Gifting her that dream and experiencing the thrill on her face will be an incredible moment to cherish for both of you.

3. Customized wedding gifts

Customized wedding gifts

By adding a customized message to any gift item of your choice will add that special touch enabling the bride-to-be to cherish fond memories of you for a lifetime. It can be a personalized message on a coffee mug, card, calendar, candles or even a T shirt or jewelery for that matter. You can give some CDs containing some of her favorite songs which she can fondly play at leisure. You can also give her certain gifts exclusively prepared by you like a painting, an embroidery, a poetry or even a home baked cake.

4. Ticket to the greatest show

Ticket to the greatest show

Be it a Moulin Rouge or a Romeo and Juliet, gift the bride-to-be couple tickets for a fascinating play or an enthralling show that she always wanted to watch. The only thing that you need to keep in mind here is to understand her taste and plan things accordingly for a perfect experience.

5. Nurturing her passion

Nurturing her passion

Another memorable bridal shower gift will be certain items that will help the bride-to-be to nurture her hobby and relish her passion. This could be a set of gardening tools, a book from her favorite author, a musical instrument or salsa class lessons from a personal trainer.

6. Proposing a girls’ night out

Proposing for nightout

Plan on a night out at a friend’s place just after the bridal shower. Go wild and crazy! Raise a toast for the bride-to-be and share the night sharing some old memories, silliest jokes, steamiest secrets and some informative girl talks. Cook for her some of her favorite delicacies and tune on to some sizzling dance numbers of her choice.

7. Honing the culinary delight

Honing the culinary delight

There is a saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Understanding the significance of the statement another incredible gifting idea is to present the bride-to-be with lessons on cooking classes. This will not only help her in enhancing her skills but will also provide her an opportunity to explore the art of making different cuisines from across the globe.

8.Kitchen gift ideas

Kitchen gift ideas

Stock the bride-to-be with some vital requirements such a food processor, microwave, dining set, induction stove, innovative tea mugs, dining towels, etc., for her new kitchen. This will not only ease her live but she will also thank you all for being so thoughtful. An ultra modern kitchen and kitchen accessories are something that every bride would love to see.

9. The bridal scrapbook

Bridal scrapbook

Get sentimental through words. Gift the bride-to-be a personalized scrapbook consisting of messages from her near and dear ones. This will be one of her treasured gift and her sole companion when she desires to share some quality time with herself.

10. The savior kit

Savior kit

Create a basket as a savior kit for the bride-to-be. Place all handy things that the bride-to-be will require at her new place in emergency situations. Stock it up with touch-up kits, mirror, tissues, cotton, first aids, hairspray, hairpins, safety pins, mini sewing kit, tampons, nail file, scissors and super glue. She will always thank you for rescuing her in urgent situations.

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