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10 Best Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets

Bridesmaid jewelry sets

The concept of bridesmaid had started centuries ago, when the best friend or the sister of the bride used to be dressed exactly like the bride to fool the evil power, lurching around to steal the bride. Gradually, the idea behind the ritual changed and bridesmaid became the biggest support for the bride. Bridesmaid is an honor generally bestowed upon the bride’s best friend or sister. The trend to have a good number of bridesmaids also evolved with time. Whatever, the concept or the origin of concept might be, today bridesmaids are the biggest support, the bride has on her big day, emotionally and practically both. Right from the wedding preparations to the moment of walking the bride down the aisle, bridesmaids are the pillar of strength. Bridesmaids definitely deserve a gift that they can cherish and use more frequently than just on the wedding day. A beautiful and elegant jewelry set is a gift that rarely fails to make the bridesmaids happy. Here is a list of 10 best bridesmaid jewelry sets for you to be remembered as the most generous and loving bride ever.

1. Y-style Swarovski Pearl

Price: $39.50

Y-style Swarovski Pearl

Y-style Swarovski pearl set is simply stunning to make your bridesmaid look million dollars on your wedding. With Swarovski pearl and crystal combination, the sterling silver necklace is delicate and elegant. The necklace with the earrings set, can be worn to other occasions as well. Your bridesmaid can match it with her bridesmaid dress for your wedding as well as with other outfits after the wedding is over. The grace of pearls will bring the natural glow on your bridesmaid’s face, rest the happiness of getting such a wonderful gift will do.

USP: The beautiful Swarovski pearl crystal necklace and earrings set is available in sterling silver or 14K Gold fill. In the elegant light smoky topaz Swarovski crystals along with gold Swarovski pearls in Sterling silver the 18 inch necklace can be adjusted in length as per the requirement. The dropping earrings’ length is 1/2 inch. The size of crystal is 4mm and 6mm is the size of pearls in design.

Pros and cons: The beautiful Swarovski pearl crystal necklace and earring set can be designed in sterling silver or gold as per your budget.

2. Teardrop Solitaire Jewerly Set

Price: $39.97

Teardrop Solitare Bridal Jewerly Set

Simply elegant and delicate, teardrop solitaire bridal jewelry is sure to make your bridesmaid shine bright on your big day. The clean pure lines with beautiful pearls make this set graceful, stylish and stunning. The Swarovski teardrops add the dash of majestic appeal with classy sophistication for your bridesmaid to dazzle on the most precious day of your life. The teardrop solitaire set can also be teamed with other outfits to make it a perfect gift with the wider options to use it. Simple yet amazingly beautiful, the teardrop solitaire set in pearls will bring the natural radiance to your bridesmaid’s face.

USP: The pearls in the teardrop jewelry set are Swarovski teardrops and are available in various options of colors right from ivory to majestic black. You can decide the color of the pearl to match up with the bridesmaid dress or you can pick up the neutral shade for making it reusable with other outfits as well. The teardrop pearls measure 8mm x 11mm. All of the fittings are sterling silver. However, you can also get it in 14k yellow gold. The chain style and length also have various options to choose from. The earrings styles spoil you with choices to pick your favorite for your bridal party.

Pros and cons: Teardrop solitaire bridal jewelry set is elegant and beautiful to be a perfect gift for the bridesmaid.

3. 14k 6.5 – 7mm AA White Freshwater Pearl

Price: $79.99

14k 6.5 - 7mm AA White Freshwater Pearl

Pearls are graceful and elegant. Pearls have anything and everything that captures women’s fantasies. The pristine white freshwater pearl set is timeless classic. The gorgeous white pearls add the right amount of glamor and sophistication to your bridesmaid’s look on your special day. Gorgeous and simply beautiful, the breathtakingly pearl set in three is sure to bring a broad smile on your bridesmaids face.

USP: The pristine white pearl set in three is made with high quality genuine freshwater pearl. The pearls are harvested carefully and have grown over many years. These pearls meet the strictest of standards and are hand selected cultured pearls. The perfectly round shaped pearls are 6.5 to 7mm in size and are perfect for any casual as well as formal occasions.

Pros and cons: The white freshwater pearl set of three is made of beautiful genuine pearls meticulously grown over the years and hand chosen to create the perfect set for your bridesmaid.

4. Gorgeous Alloy with Czech Rhinestones Wedding Bridal Jewelry Set

Price: $48.39

Gorgeous Alloy With Czech Rhinestones Wedding Bridal Jewelry Set

The beautiful alloy with Czech rhinestones is an elegant and classic jewelry set that is sure to make your bridesmaid shine and dazzle on your big day and otherwise. The intricately designed necklace with earrings is a perfect gift for your bridesmaids. The alloy set can also be teamed with other outfits for the re-usability of the jewelry set after your big day. The alloy jewelry set with beautiful rhinestones is a timeless piece that will never go out of fashion and your bridesmaid will remember you as the most generous and loving bride ever.

USP: The necklace and the earring set are meticulously designed with Czech rhinestones in alloy. In the silvery color, the necklace set is very formal in look and perfect for occasions like wedding. Alloy gives the rhinestones a perfect base to add up to the sparkle. The heart shaped pendant dropping at the end adds up to the beauty of the set.

Pros and cons: The alloy necklace and earrings set with Czech rhinestone is an elaborate set perfect for any formal occasions.

5. Rhinestone Clusters Wedding Jewelry Set

Price: $37.80

Rhinestone cluster set is alluring with its intricate designs and beautiful craftsmanship. Perfect to express your emotions and gratitude for being your pillar of strength on your most special day, the rhinestone cluster set is sure to please your bridal party. The rhinestone cluster gives the set a very formal and elegant look, ideal for formal occasions. The sparkle of beautiful rhinestones will add the natural glow on your bridesmaid’s face.

USP: The rhinestones in the cluster set are the exotic burst of AB grape-clustered rhinestones along with the silver plated vine. Perfect accessory for a modern wedding, the set is dazzling with lobster claw clasp. The necklace measures 13-1/2 inches long with a 2 inches extender. The matching earrings measure 1/2inches long. The cluster rhinestones jewelry set is also available with clear stones.

Pros and cons: The stunning rhinestone cluster set is miraculously designed and is perfect for a contemporary wedding.

6. Stacey Swarovski Cube Jewelry Set

Price: $44.97

Stacey Swarovski Cube Wedding Jewelry Set

Cubes are stunning and regal. The Swarovski cube wedding set with an optional bracelet is simply a show stealer. Soft and delicate in design, cubes make this set very regal and a perfect gift for your bridesmaid. The matching dropping earrings are to add an aura to your bridesmaid’s face to make it shine bright on your big day. The classy and elegant clean design brings a lot of poise in the personality and the beauty of the Swarovski crystals that adds up to the glamor quotient of your best friend or sister as your bridesmaid.

USP: The cube set of necklace with earrings and bracelet, which is optional, has genuine Swarovski crystals including the CZ rondelles in square. All the fittings and chains are sterling silver to compliment the set. The stunning cube pendant necklace has 8mm cubes and you can get this necklace length as per your choice to be longer or shorter starting with a 14-inch chain and going all the way up to a 30-inch chain. The earrings of the set also come in your choice of fittings. The optional bracelet has two curved tubes that beautifully conform to the curve of the wrist. The cz rondelles in square and cubes are 6mm to fit closely. The bracelet fits the wrists with an extender up to 8-1/2 inches.

Pros and cons: The cube set is trendy and beautiful to last the life time to make it a perfect gift for your bridesmaids.

7. Precious Vine Jewelry Set

Price: $32.40

Precious Vine Jewelry Set

Elegant and stunning, the vine jewelry set with beautiful petite blooms is a surely a head turner. The pearl and rhinestone combination in the intricately designed necklace and earring set is very formal and sophisticated to be the perfect gift for your bridesmaid. The design is beautifully crafted to adorn your bridesmaid’s neck as the gorgeous ornament. Very delicate and regal in design, the vine jewelry set is precious and everlasting gift for your bridal party.

USP: The beautiful and precious vine jewelry set is made of tiny blooms, white glass pearls and sparkling and dazzling rhinestones. The set with a pierced earring and adjustable necklace measures 16-18 inches long. The pierced earrings in the set measure 1 1/2 inches long.

Pros and cons: The elegant vine jewelry set is beautifully crafted formal necklace set to be a perfect gift for your bridesmaid for your big day.

8. Illusion Bridesmaid Jewelry Set

Price: $19.80

Illusion Bridesmaid Jewelry Set

Playful, flirtatious and romantic, Illusion bridesmaid jewelry set is sure to make your bridesmaid shine and dazzle as you walk down the aisle to be with the man you love, forever. The bridesmaids celebrate your happiness with this precious and everlasting stunning gift from your side. The double strand illusion necklace and gorgeous pair of drop earrings set is simply stunning.

USP: Illusion bridesmaid jewelry set is made with colored glass pearls and clear Swarovski crystals. The beautiful set includes pierced earrings and an adjustable necklace. The necklace measures 16–18 inches. The matching pierced earrings measure 3/4 inches. The Illusion jewelry set is also available in white or ivory pearls.

Pros and cons: Very playful and romantic, Illusion bridesmaid jewelry set will make a perfect gift for your bridesmaid to bring out the light and fun side of your wedding.

9. Ivory Pearl and Crystal on Gold V Drop Necklace & Earring SET

Price: $33.00

Ivory Pearl and Crystal on Gold V Drop Necklace & Earring SET

The timeless classic and elegant ivory pearl and crystal set with gold V drop necklace and earring set, is surely going to make heads turn to your bridesmaid on your big day. Your bridesmaids will dazzle and sparkle in this stunning set to make your wedding even more memorable. Perfect for any formal occasions, the pearl set can also be used after your wedding.

USP: The ivory pearl necklace and earring set is a perfect match for an ivory, a champagne or a colored dress. The stunning and breathtaking string of ivory pearls in gold ends with a V drop, a channel set of precious and regal Austrian crystals. The elegant single ivory pearl hangs from the drop for the dazzling effect. The length of beautiful ivory pearl is 15.5 inches along with the lobster clasp. The elegant lobster earrings have the beautiful single ivory pearl that hangs from channel set crystals on a gold drop. The clasp measures 1 inch.

Pros and cons: The ivory pearl necklace and earring set is perfect for formal occasions and is a precious and memorable gift for your bridesmaids.

10. Snowflake Necklace set 520

Price: $28.50

Snowflake Necklace set 520

Make your bridesmaid dazzle and sparkle in snowflake necklace set for your winter themed wedding. The snowflake necklace is a burst of sparkle in beautifully designed rhinestones to add to the elegance and glamor to your bridesmaid dressing on your big day. Perfect for any formal occasion, snowflake necklace set can be worn with various types of dresses, so that your bridesmaid can use it even after your wedding.

USP: The snowflake necklace is intricately crafted and designed meticulously to add lots of sparkle on your bridesmaid’s face. The stunning snowflake design can be up to 18 inches with 15 inches of rhinestones with a 3 inch extender. The earrings in the same snowflake design are 1 inch wide.

Pros and cons: The snowflake necklace makes a perfect gift for your bridesmaid, as it can be teamed with various types and colors of dresses.

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