10 Challenges of first year of marriage

First year of marriage is testing period for couples

The excitement of your wedding is over. Your honeymoon is over and you are back with your spouse with all these wonderful memories. What next? Now comes the bitter reality. The reality of bonding with a person whom you might be hardly knowing, his or her habits which you might have failed to notice during your courtship, and worst the responsibility of your specific duties of a wife and husband. This is the first year of marriage when you meet challenges, adjustments, even sacrifices, irritating moods swings, but also lot of love and happiness. Here is a list of 10 things that you should be ready to face in the first year of your marriage. Read on and fasten your seat belt for the topsy turvy path.

1. Putting on weight

Often engaged couples or single persons try their best to look good and appealing to the opposite sex. Gym is their regular place of visit. However, once people get married, they bid goodbye to their exercise regime and relax with their partner in marital bliss. Married people often tend to gain weight. Some imagine this as a sign of happiness and contentment, while others think that now the married people need not woo anyone and need not sacrifice their favorite foods anymore and so there is no pressure to look good.

2. Unmarried friends keep you at a bay, specially if you are a woman

Once you are married, and if you are a woman, you would notice that your unmarried female friends are avoiding you. Psychologists make the claim that this could be probably due to jealousy. Somehow unmarried woman can’t help feeling jealous to see their married friend happy with her partner. Even your unmarried male friends would prefer to keep a distance as a precaution and would not indulge in infuriating your husband in any way. You can avoid this by constantly keeping in touch with all your friends and introducing your spouse to them. This way your spouse can also become their friend and you both can enjoy the company of each other’s friends.

3. Your sex life hits a trough

Familiarity breeds contempt, but familiarity also breeds no-sex. You may have had a bed-rocking honeymoon, but somehow you are not able to sustain the tempo all day, all year round. This happens during the first year. You need not worry about it. Don’t prioritize sex that much. Prioritize companionship more.

4. Your gifts remain undiscovered

As engaged woman, you must have dreamed of unpacking all the wedding gifts on the very next day of your wedding and decorate your house with the decorative showpieces, crockery, or other items. After marriage, you hardly find the time as well as the mood to unpack them. Most of these gifts start rotting in the attic unpacked. This is a common reality of most newly married couples. This is not a generalization but an average statistic. To overcome this, newlyweds can set a deadline – one gift unpacked per week!

5. Getting into traditionally designed roles

You must have imagined your spouse taking a share in your responsibilities. This might seem to fade away, once both of you pick up traditionally designed roles. After marriage, you find yourself doing all the household chores, while your husband doing all the manly stuff. This would seem boring at times. To come out of it, women could start doing what men do and get them interested in stuff women do.

6. Lack of money

After marriage, expenses somehow seem to escalate, even if both the couples are working. Newlyweds need to be ready for it. That’s why it is important to ensure to have a budget after marriage, even if it looks and sounds a little boring.

7. Living together but living in separate worlds

Even though you may be living with your spouse, on certain days you may be two different worlds. You will stay together, but operate parallel. This is absolutely fine. It does happen in a relationship.

8. Adjust your sleep timers

After marriage, all your nights would be dedicated to your spouse. You might feel you have lost your freedom to sleep and doze off at anytime you feel. You might be craving to go to bed, while your spouse might be desiring to talk to you. The best thing would be to make your spouse understand.

9. Feeling claustrophobic

When you start staying with someone, you will share a part of yourself with that person. So it is natural for you to feel a little enclosed. You may want to break free, but hold on, because you will eventually get used to it.

10. The world seems brighter, better, and happier

This is the reality of a happy marriage, and a shocker too. If you accept your spouse and see her/his good things, you have a reason to smile and cherish your married life. Think of the days when you were alone and always wanted a companion to share your fears and joys. After marriage, couple start feeling more secured and loved.

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