Amazing tips to keep your wedding short and simple

Short and simple wedding

Wedding is considered as the most important ceremony in a person’s life. Everybody from the bride to the groom to all relatives plans a lot for the wedding. Everybody wants to make this event the most memorable. From invitation cards to wedding dress, from venue to menu, everything needs to be perfect to make a wedding an occasion that should be a part of discussion among relative, friends and guests invited for a long time. Day by day increasing prices and busy schedule have made it a necessity to keep wedding short and simple. Here are some of the smartest ways to keep your wedding short and simple.

1. Invite limited guests

This is the first and foremost way to keep your wedding simple and short. If you are successful in achieving this, half of your work is done. Invite only a limited number of guests. Invite only your close relatives and friends of yours and leave the extensive friend circle. This may help you cut-down your big list of guests.

2. Discard fashionable invitation cards

Surely, the cards are most important things to be given in marriage but spending lavishly on invitations will not make your wedding a grand one.Keep the invitation cards as simple as you can without any fashionable design or card choice. Choose simple looking cards that cost less.

3.Wedding in day hours

Try to attempt this way. It will help you minimize your expenses a lot. Select to give lunch instead of dinner. People usually do not drink in day hours so it may cut the cost of hard-drinks. If possible, choose weekdays instead of a weekend because people will have to go back to their work after attending your wedding. This will let your guests leave early and party will not last too long.

4. Simple decoration

Choose flowers, balloons, ribbons or candles for decorating the wedding venue. You can also opt for family quilts or artwork to decorate plain walls. Ask your family members to stand at the entrance and welcome the guests with a smile. Remember, your short and simple wedding can also be beautiful if you arrange everything in simple but beautiful way.

5. Effortless entertainment

Just an orchestra with some dancers will be enough for entertainment. Ask your guests too to join the dance and it would be a healthy entertainment. Generally, people spend lavishly on music and all other entertainment stuff but by making things simple and effective, you are probably wining the hearts of people who believe in sober environment in wedding ceremonies.

6. Simple and limited menu

People normally choose a long and complicated menu that increases the expenses as well as the left out food is wasted. Try and keep the menu limited for the wedding. Remember guests are their to give you blessings and not just to enjoy food. Limited menu will also help guests in tasting all dishes served and they will automatically enjoy food.

7. Delegate works to your relative

There are relatives in your family who are more experienced than you and know many ways to perform a certain task. It would be easy for you to delegate certain tasks to those relatives. This will save your time and efforts, while making your relatives feel part of the wedding.

8. Simple and beautiful wedding dress

Wedding dress is another more expensive step where you spend a lot. Instead of choosing expensive and heavy dress, you should rather choose a simple and light weight dress that will let you feel comfortable during your wedding. Mostly people purchase expensive wedding dress and hang them for the rest of the life in their wardrobe. Choosing simple and light weight dress will help you in wearing that dress even after your wedding at some special occasions.

9. Appoint a coordinator

Appointing a coordinator will help you in enjoying ceremonies during your wedding. Remember your coordinator should not be a hired person but it should be someone from your relatives or friends, someone who you can trust and who can assure you that everything in your wedding will go as per your plan.Hiring a coordinator helps you to enjoy the wedding without worrying about the spending.

10. No impression

It has been seen that people trying to impress guests spend a lot on invitation cards, venue, menu, wedding dress and other arrangements. Avoid these things as you have to pay for these arrangements and devote a lot of time to them. Your guests are there for just attending your wedding so spend money while keeping the budget in mind. Be as you are and do not try to create a fake impression on invited guests.

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