Great ideas to personalize your wedding

The day of your wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important days of your life and it needs to be unique and special. A wedding might happen in a day but its effect and memories lasts for a lifetime. Whenever you recall your wedding you should not feel like lacking somewhere. To make it all possible what you can do is personalize your wedding. The sense of a personalized touch will surely make you feel special throughout your life.

Personalize your wedding

1. Personalize the flowers and menu cards

Flowers play a very important role to improve the ambiance of a wedding hall. There are endless possibilities to apply your creative ideas on flower decorations. To make your floral decorations unique and personalized, use a combination of flowers that you like.

If you have decided to print personalized menu cards for your wedding party, it is indeed a very good decision. You can make it very much attractive by designing the cards with your own creativity. You can customize the card by adding some funniness to them and make them quite interesting.

2. Make notes and take statements of the guests

Invitation cards are one of the most important parts of your wedding and a unique beautiful touch of your handwriting can get you a million of compliments. You can make some handwritten notes addressing the guest on decorated pads and paste it inside the card. If possible try to mention a situation when he/she was by your side. This can be a very good way to express your gratitude to a person and he/she will preserve the invitation card forever. You can also write funny statements to some certain guests.

Taking signatures and statements from the guests present on the celebration can be a very good way to turn your wedding to an evergreen memory. It will definitely add a funny but creative element to your wedding. Print some decorative notepads and give it to the guests present on your wedding and request them to write their names, signatures and a few words to you and your partner.

3. Add special food and wedding cake on the menu

Everyone wants to receive compliments for the food served on the party. But, adding a special food item of your choice in the menu card will enhance the overall quality of the food section. You can present and highlight your grandparents’ or your parents’ favorite food in such cases.

You may get infinite numbers of wedding cakes in the shops. But, you have to find out a design that reflects your taste and personality. Try to get a unique design that is not only pretty but also delivers a beautiful message. You can try to find out some designs that compliments your wedding theme.

4. Wedding vows and a good collection of music

Wedding vows are one of the most special attractions of your wedding. The words you say in this moment can be the most beautiful gift to your spouse. Although they are just words, they should come out of your heart. It needs to include the promises you want to make to your spouse, it is the best way to let him/her know how much he/she value in your life. So, the only place for creativity here is to arrange the words in such a way that makes him/her smile.

You can give your wedding a special touch by collecting unique dance songs. How about a fusion of songs of your choice and of your closed ones? It may require a little effort but it will definitely turn your wedding dance into one of the most beautiful moments of your life.

5. Personalize your wedding theme

Well, this is in fact the best part where you can add your personal touch and design the wedding in your way. You can apply your own imagination and creativity to make the theme very much personal and give it a beautiful touch of your efforts.

Normally, the flowers carried by the bridesmaids are matched with that of the bridal dress. But, how about making a change in your case and matching the flowers with that of the groom’s dress? Looking quite funny and odd, right? Try it, everybody will love it for sure.

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