Great tips for a flawless wedding day face

On a wedding, bride has to be the most beautiful person in the room. It’s a dream day in her life and to have flawless look on that day is her prerogative. All the eyes will be on her that day; her eyes, lips, her skin and everything related to the bride must have to be perfect so it is necessary for a bride to take care of her skin so as to look stunning. However, it is not that easy to look flawless as she has to do lot of homework for a long time. It is recommended that she should start taking care of her skin, lips and eyes at least two months before her special day. The things one should do before wedding day are listed below.

1. Dietary habits

Dietary habits

The bride should take extra care of what she is eating. Her diet must not contain oily or junk food to avoid pimples and to fit in her wedding dress. She must drink lots of water and higher the vegetable content in her diet.

2. Daily routine

Daily routine

Cleanse, tone and moisturize daily. To cleanse dip a cotton in milk and use it on face, it acts as a natural cleanser. Rose water can be used as a toner. Use moisturizer of a good brand. This will keep your skin healthy and charming.

3. Radiant glow

Radiant glow

Exfoliate weekly after cleansing. If you regularly exfoliate, it will help you to get rid of your dull skin. Take rice powder and honey and scrub your face with it. This can be used as a natural exfoliater.

4. Face pack

Face pack

Use a face pack made of turmeric paste, gram flour and curd twice a week. Also apply a face pack made of Fuller’s mud, rose water and honey. You can also make homemade face pack using various natural products like Cucumber and lemons. For cucumber face pack, you just have to mash in a bowl and add some sugar into it. Keep in refrigerator for at least half an hour and then apply it in your face. It will completely glow up your skin.

5. Perfect lips

Perfect lips

For perfect soft and pink lips, apply lip balm and rose water regularly. Also some ‘would be brides’ aspires for sexy and luscious lips. Well, they can also be achieved with perfect pout if you get into the habit of using moisturizers/lip balms to avoid dry, chapped skin.

6. Keep away dark circles

Dark circles

To get rid of those dark circles under your eyes, the following tips are very useful:

a. Cut cucumber into slices, cool in refrigerator and place on eyes for 10 minutes.

b. Use almond oil to massage under and around eyes.

c. Dip two tea bags in cold water for 4 minutes and place on eyes for 15 minutes.

7. Eyebrows


Get your eyebrows shaped at least 10 days before the wedding day. You can critically review the shape of your eyebrows and can consult from the specialist. Keep in mind that your eyebrows frame the face and cannot be grown over night. Ensure they flatter your face and eyes with expert grooming.

8. Keep pimples away

Keep pimples away

Pimple face will fade away your charm on the wedding day so face should be clear. There are various natural ways you can improve diminish your pimples and look amazing on your great day. Apply diluted brandy with cotton to avoid pimples but if there are so many pimples on your face then keep on applying this for at least one week before the wedding.

You can also use some other natural products like aloe vera and some other oil free, water based products. Aloe vera contains all natural herbs and ingredients that are really affective for people having acne skin. You can also use various other water based products which are non-comedogenic and maintain natural moisture pH balance keeping your skin healthy.

9. Sleep


You should sleep for at least 8 hours and avoid alcohol. Sleep is really necessary to look beautiful and fresh so have a little face wash at the night and go to the sleep. One more thing which is really necessary to feel fresh and rejuvenated for every bride is to think good so keep in mind that whatever comes, you are going to go to bed with some good thoughts.

10. Makeup tips

Makeup tips

a. Rub your face with ice cube before applying makeup.

b. Use a good foundation as a base, cover all the dark spot with a concealer. Then apply matte powder and blush.

c. Use an eye pencil to shape your eyes. Then use a glossy eye shadow and use mascara.

d. Apply a lip liner start from center and line outward. Fill with light colors for thin lips and dark for thick lips. Finish with lip gloss.

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