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Wedding photographer

Many people remain lost in different kinds of preparations for their wedding and almost forget the most important aspect, the wedding photography. This is very important because your most special moments should be captured beautifully with great care and perfection. The moments captured should reflect the happiness you experienced on the special occasion. The wedding photographer has to be chosen with great care because he/she has to make the whole event look beautiful forever. The person has to be a professional no doubt, besides should also be able to give a lot of suggestions in improving various aspects of photography.

How can you find the best photographer? You need to shortlist some of them first. Speak to each of them and ask them a lot of questions till you feel satisfied. Once you are happy with the person, you can go on and book her/him for your special day. Given below are 10 questions to ask a wedding photographer before booking.

1. Can I see the portfolio?

Many people think that photographers are all talented. But, the fact is that some of them may not be up to your satisfaction. Do not blindly book a famous photographer before seeing their work. Ask the person to show you their portfolio. When you see the work, you will be able to judge the individual’s capacity. This will also help you to decide if you want similar pictures or if you are looking for a different style.

2. What is your experience?

The most important thing to know about a photographers is their experience. So ask about how long they have been in this field. You will able to know about their expertise accordingly. Some amateurs may promise you great many things. But, they may not have enough exposure to different locations, postures and other aspects. So, look for professionals and seasoned photographers. They may be slightly more expensive. But, their work can be amazing and give you exactly what you want.

3. When will the photos be ready?

When you have decided to go with a particular photographer ask him about how much time it will take for the photos to be ready. Most of the professionals should be able to show you proofs within a month. They are usually posted on their password-protected websites. If you want the photos really fast, it is better to get it in writing from the person so that you can follow up accordingly.

4. What are the products offered?

Most of the wedding photographers offer the standard wedding packages. But, many brides choose their own products according to their needs. Select a person who will be able to provide you with photographs with a personal touch. Most of them are happy to work according to the personal requests and provide various things like mounted portraits, traditional albums, etc. Check their product list and choose accordingly.

5. What kind of customer service do they offer?

Although this may not be very important, you need to have an emergency contact number or person in case of some emergency. Ask the photographer about how soon they will be able to contact you in case of some urgent query. You will be able to judge most of this aspect when you visit the office of the photographer. Follow your natural instincts and decide if you want to book the person or not.

6. How will you handle a crisis?

The expertise of a photographer can be judged even during some emergency situations. As you will be paying the photographer a huge price, you have to know about his ability to handle a crisis. So, create a few hypothetical situations and ask him what he intend to do in such situations. For example, if some device is not functioning properly or if the groom is too nervous or shy, etc. Experts have their own way of getting the best shots. They will be able to share a few experiences.

7. Can I check references?

The best way to know more about your photographer is by talking to the references. Ask your photographer to provide you few references. Also, ask him if you can check with the references. If he denies, then it is better to look for another person. But, most of the contacts they provide will be satisfied customers. So there is no harm in speaking to them to know what they feel about their experience with the photographer.

8. Will I get the products on time?

This kind of situation may not be very common but still you need to be very careful. There are instances when the photographer just disappeared at the time of the delivery of the products. All your hard earned money may be wasted if such a situation arises. So, check this aspect with your photographer, know about the background and then decide. Sometimes, the person may be in some financial crisis that could make him flee.

9. What are your credentials?

Always pick a photographer who has one or more affiliations and some kind of credentials such as a certification or a college degree. Active memberships in various professional organizations prove that he is a professional looking for career growth and artistic development.

10. Why did you choose photography?

Ask the person why she chose photography as a career. Some of them might say that it pays well. Such answers simply mean that they lack passion. If his answers really impress you and show his passion for the job, he is the person you are looking for. Also find out if it would be he or his assistant behind the camera on the special day. If you are looking for top quality pictures, it definitely has to be the master himself. Clarify this aspect before booking the person.

Following these guidelines can help you to find the best photographer for your special occasion. After many years, when you look at your wedding album, you will feel proud and happy that you followed the right steps for choosing the best wedding photographer.

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