The responsibilities of a bridesmaid!

Bridesmaid responsibilites

Being a bridesmaid means holding a lot of responsibilities over your shoulders. You obviously mean the world to the bride when selected as the bridesmaids. The least you could do is help her out with the tinniest of concerns that could come up while planning the wedding. You carry responsibilities which when carried out would hold immense gratitude from the bride. Taking the burden of the bride’s shoulder’s a bit would mean more than you can imagine. One must understand that the planning a wedding is not an easy task, and that is where the bridesmaids stand up to offer their support. Take a look at the responsibilities of some of bridesmaid compiled below.

1. Take care of the out-of-town guests

You can take up the responsibility of the gift baskets and comfortable check-in of the out-of-town guests. You can take up the responsibility of helping the guests. You can get a bag made for every hotel room the guests are going to stay in. It could includes a map, some important phone numbers and a pleasing welcome letter.

Tip: Normally the wedding planner would have taken care of this, but if the bride has asked you take care of it it would be great. It is not as hard as it sounds. You need a guest list from the bride and then you can handle the rest. Calling of the hotel and informing them about the number of guests arriving. Collecting and delivering the favors for the guests. Have a checklist if it makes you feel better.

2. Help in personalizing the wedding invitations

This duty of personalizing wedding invitations can be converted into fun time by you. A little get together of all the bridesmaids can also make the day a memorable one for the bride. You can arrange for food from outside or ask each bridesmaid to make something. Distribute the duties of stuffing envelopes, writing addresses and putting stamps on the wedding invitations. Put on some nice music and enjoy as you help your friend with her wedding invitations.

Tip: Wedding invitation are the first thing which attract the guests to the wedding. One can tell a lot from the wedding invitation design. Why allow the bride to sit and make them all by herself, when she could have her bridesmaid’s help her out. Double check the invitations. If the guest list is huge, the bride could take on the 1st half, the bridesmaid can take on the second half of the list. Hire someone who is good at calligraphy so the information required can be written.

3. Help with tasks of making table centerpieces

You can help out in chores like giving out escort cards and help make centerpieces for the reception tables. These would personalize things and the bride would not have to worry about them. A good handmade centerpiece can always win the hearts of the guests at the wedding.

Tip: If the wedding is a budget wedding you can certainly help with arranging the centerpieces. The bride would be so stressed, she would be open to ideas. You could take some ideas and not allow the bride to interfere and surprise her with your creations.

4. Distract her of all the wedding jitters

A bride is bound to get wedding jitters. Being a bridesmaid you can take up the task of relaxing the bride. Just go and book tickets for a dance show or a movie for the couple and help them relax. Or you can arrange for a bride and bridesmaid pajama party before the wedding at your place and have fun. This would relax the bride.

Tip: When she panics you have to be there for her. You have to calm her down even if it is 3 in the morning. There is not a single moment which shall pass by of her thinking about the wedding. It is your job to take on those thoughts and assure her that all is fine. Do whatever it takes to distract her from her thoughts.

5. Help the bride with her drink during the wedding

Ask your friend in advance what she would prefer drinking at the reception. Keep her drink ready when she needs it. If required, go to the bar to get the drink for the bride every time she wants one. It becomes difficult for brides to walk to and fro to get a drink from the bar.

Tip: You could explain to her after you think she has had enough that it is not feasible to be drinking so much. It is also required by you to not get drunk at the reception. You have to make sure she does not rip her dress or make a fool of herself at the reception. This is the time the wedding is over and she would want to relax, allow her to do so.

6. Get the photos developed from the reception table cameras

As the big day ends collect the disposable table cameras and get the pictures developed for the couple. This would save the couple’s time later on and they can see the pictures once they are back from the honeymoon. It would be a pleasure for them. These pictures keep fond memories for a lifetime and would always make the couple happy.

Tip: get whatever photographs you can and present them in a manner you friend would not forget. Take a hint as to how she wants the pictures and then carry forward the plan. It would be her time off after the wedding, she would want to see how it goes. have a copy of all the photographs and with one set get creative photo album made.

7. Wait till the party ends

Help your friend as their big day ends. You can escort your friend’s elderly relatives to the car. Collect the gifts and the envelopes and get it to the couple’s car with some help. Supervise in organizing the delicate gifts well in the car so the couple can get them in good condition. Staying till the end will also give moral support to the bride.

Tip: Make sure you get a good look at everyone who exits the wedding and the reception. Handing out the favors is up to you. The bride would be busy handling guests coming up to her. Make sure there are no elder’s waiting and even if so make sure they are given company and not unhappy waiting.

8. Get the wedding gown cleaned

You can take your friend’s wedding gown to the dry cleaners and get it washed before she is back from her honeymoon. This will save her time and effort after she comes back. Plus she would be pleased to see a clean and well-preserved wedding gown.

Tip: The wedding would need dry cleaning after the wedding and the bride would have no time whatsoever to get done. Imagine the smile on her face when she sees her wedding dress clean and hanging in her closet. You could not even tell her about it and have a key to her apartment and get the dress cleaned.

9. Help her pack her honeymoon bag

Your friend might be exhausted after the big day is over and seeing off her guests. You can help her pack a few mandatory items for her honeymoon. In fact you can pack her honeymoon bag before the wedding day to avoid chaos. This will make things easy for her when she is leaving for her honeymoon.

Tip: You could help her pack her honeymoon bag as she would not really have the time to as she would be preoccupied with other things on her mind. Make sure she does not forget her passport and other details she requires as she could just go blank.

10. Keep some food stocked for the couple in their house

As you know the day your friend and her husband are going to return from their honeymoon you can stock their kitchen up with grocery. They might be too exhausted to go to the store and purchase grocery for themselves. Serve them an extra special day before the actual married life begins.

Tip: There honeymoon would have taken up a lot of energy and time. You could ease their troubles by preparing a great meal for them when they come back or have some caterers do the job. You as a bridesmaid would be much appreciated by all the help you provide.

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