Wedding planning expert tips that you don’t want to miss!

Getting married is a dream come true for anyone. If you are planning your dream wedding, the initial planning stage is the most difficult task in hand. Once this is accomplished, you will very comfortably be able to plan and organize your wedding as you would have a good picture of what you want. Plan your wedding well in advance so that you have enough time to compare wedding services and also save up on some significant amount of money and stress. There a couple of main pointers which should be taken into consideration at all costs. Here are few tips and tricks from experts for you to cross check if your entire wedding planning base is covered.

1. Decide on appropriate wedding date

Wedding Date

When you are deciding the “D” day of your life, ensure that on that particular day there would be no local events in your area, lest you might have your guests held up in traffic jams or you may even have trouble in making reservations for them in hotels.

2. Consider climatic conditions

Perfect weather

Based on the season and your wedding theme, you need to make prior arrangements for your wedding. If it is in the hot summer then it is better to avoid tent weddings. If in winter, ensure that the reception loft is maintained warm. To eliminate any problem of bugs which may play a spoil sport at your wedding venue, consider renting pest control to get rid of this problem.

3. Prepare a guest list and send invitations in advance

Wedding guest list

Decide on the guest list and recheck repeatedly to ensure important guests from both sides are covered. Send out invitations well in advance including the theme if any, so that your guests can plan before hand. This will also give you enough time to make arrangements for guests. In case you need to cut short on guest, prioritize and then do the same. Be prepared for a few no-shows as well. Not all your invitees would attend your wedding owing to various factors.

4. Select venue based on the number of guests

Seating venue according to guests

Your wedding venue should neither be over crowded nor should it be scantily filled. Approximate the number of guests coming in and zero down on the venue. One thumb rule to remember is to allocate about 25-30 square feet per guest. This is into taking account for the dance floor, waiters, tables etc.

5. Getting in touch with the bets vendors and learning to deal with them

Choosing the vendors

Once you get a vendor roped in for a particular service, you can always ask them to give you pointers for other service providers suiting your budget. They would have a better idea as to who could be best in market. You might not be very lucky that all your vendors would deliver things on time. You may have to run around them and sometimes even beg them. You will have to be very good in negotiations and get your work done. Don’t deal anything on word. Substantiate all your agreements made with vendors to avoid last minute surprises and awkwardness. Wedding involves a lot of cost. Do not make huge advance payments only to run behind the vendor in the last minute. Bargain for an extra hour with the musicians or request for extra hour for cocktails. Anything extra gives you a sense of satisfaction. Let your vendors know that, you will not feed the wedding crew with the same food that you are treating your guest with. Else it might be heavy on your pocket.

6. Prepare a budget and try to abide with the budget plan:

Budget wedding

Have a budget in mind before you overspend. Have proper cushioning too when allocating budget for a particular event. Where ever possible try to trim your cost, the saved up amount could be used for some other wedding preparation. You can save up huge amounts if the guest list is cut short. Shop and make payments to vendors with your credit cards. This way you can have an idea on what and how much you are spending and at same time you are also accumulating points which can be used later.

7. Track all arrangements on paper

Wedding planning book

You might be meeting many people and making many notes while you are planning for your wedding. It will be helpful if you maintain a diary and jot down things for you to refer back. Compile all correspondents with vendors regarding their payments and numbers. You should have a pre-wedding planning wedding file, where you can keep all your items and then not get worried about missing out on something. Dont forget the band for your reception.

8. Don’t panic and take things one at a time

Do not panic

It is inevitable to escape stress as the wedding day approaches. Maintain your cool and organize things logically. Crosscheck with all your vendors if all arrangements are on track. Have a checklist if it helps. Do everything in an organised manner and you would not have to worry about a single thing. You could ask your bridesmaid or maid of honor to help. Your mother would right besides you to help with the organizing. Don’t go about doing he work half-hazardous. If booking caterers is your first priority finish with it.

9. Have a rehearsal dinner

Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsals need not necessarily be of dresses and dances. Run through the entire wedding process and see if anything would have been missed. Schedule all the wedding set up’s like decorations, table placements etc ready well in advance. Experts suggest that a day before the wedding would be ideal for doing up the venue. Ensure that all your guests can be comfortably seated in the vicinity of the ceremony podium.

10. Take help for your shopping

Shopping for the perfect dress

Shopping for your wedding dress alone may not be a good idea because you would try so many that you will start liking them all. It’s a good idea to take your mother or sister along to help you make a choice. Do not forget to purchase your wedding ring! You might want to cross check on the brands you go to when buying the dress. Don’t make hasty decisions. Picking out a dress in a single is not something you can do. Go to at least 10 shops minimum. Make sure you pick out shoes which would go well with the dress.

11. Track time

Track time

When you enter the month of your wedding day, every second flies like a jiffy. If you have not covered all the tasks on your to do list, try to prioritize and cut short on things. After all you need to have a relaxed atmosphere. Take a pledge that once major tasks are organized you will not worry about petty things. Instead save up this energy and enthusiasm for the later. Time now, to dream about your new life and your honeymoon!

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