Splendid Scottish castles for your regal wedding in a castle

Wedding is a memorable affair, more so when it is organized in a castle amidst beautiful landscapes of Scotland. A bride always dreams to be like a princess on her special day. If you are also going to take marriage vows with your loved one soon, then go ahead and plan for a royal castle wedding in Scotland. Here we list you some of the best castle wedding venues for your royal wedding. Take a look.

Ackergill Tower

Ackergill Tower is the most sought after wedding destination across the world. This is a Scottish castle of the 15th century. The castle is very private in nature. Though the Ackergill Tower is historic, it has all the modern amenities. Sea beach on one end and the country side on the other end, makes this place desirable. The Ackergill Tower offers peace and private space. It is an ideal location for a magnificent wedding.

Ardverikie Castle

Ardverikie Castle has been termed as one of the most stunning place of the world. If you are looking for the backdrop of dramatic landscape, this is the most apt choice. The mountains and the woods of the area will delight the visitors and will make your wedding one of the most memorable event of your life. The Ardverikie Castle estate comprises of 6 holiday houses. You can also indulge in Highland Activities while your stay in the castle.

Barcaldine Castle

Barcaldine Castle is very attractive as it is situated on Loch Creran’s shore. It is surrounded by snow capped mountains. The brilliant landscape will make your wedding one of the most memorable event of your life. Along with the magnificent landscape, the interior of the castle is luxurious and very circumspectly designed. The ambience of the castle is very calm and thus, the guests can relax in the tranquil atmosphere of the castle.

Benderloch Castle

Benderloch Castle is situated in Oban in Britain. It was once a military outpost of the Campbell clan. It was built in 1609 by Black Duncan. This house was abandoned and was not in use. The Victorians then rebuilt it. The Benderloch Castle proves to be an apt choice for a tranquil wedding and the exterior landscape as well as the brilliant interiors will make your wedding a memorable one for you as well as for your guests.

Birkhill Castle

If you are planning for a formal wedding then the Birkhill is the best choice as the castle has a traditional ambience. Along with the traditional formal feel, it also proves to be an ideal location for a romantic wedding. If you plan for an informal function then the wedding can be arranged in the rose garden or the marquee. The staff of the castle is very flexible. You can opt for dinner, grand banquet, luncheon or simple buffet.

Balgonie Castle

Balgonie Castle was built in the 14th century and is located in the Kingdom of Fife. It hovers above the Leven River. The castle was restored in 1989 and after restoration, it became one of the best venues for a romantic wedding. The Balgonie Castle also has the license for getting civil weddings done. The extravagant backdrop of the castle makes it apt for unforgettable photographs.

Castle Menzies

Castle Menzies was built in the 16th century and Menzies Clan Society restored it. Bonnie Prince Charlie, while returning from Culloden rested here in 1746. The castle boasts of fascinating architecture. The castle is an example of the buildings which show transition from rugged fortress to mansion houses. The Castle Menzies is open from Easter to mid October.

Dalhousie Castle

Dalhousie Castle is a charming fortress of 13th century in Scotland. It is situated on the bank of Esk River and is surrounded with wooded parkland. You can enjoy spa, extensive collection of books in the library, bar, dining in the dungeon or can relax in your room. The Scottish Castle character of the Dalhousie Castle will make your wedding a lifelong memorable event with exceptional memories.

Dundas Castle

Dundas Castle was built by Scottish architect, William Burn in 1818. It is claimed to be one of the most beautiful castles of Scotland. The castle is an apt destination for an isolated and secluded wedding. It is spread across 1000 acres, country side. Though quite secluded, Dundas Castle presents the comfort and luxury of hotels.

Duns Castle

The Duns Castle was built in 14th century. The castle provides residential accommodation facility for the guests. The castle is surrounded by forests, fields and hills. Duns Castle is an apt location for a fascinating romantic wedding. The castle is totally secluded from the hustle and bustle of the busy life and will provide you a quiet wedding.

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