10 Things That Make Vieques the Perfect Wedding Destination

Vieques the Perfect Wedding Destination


Vieques’s Island is located in the Puerto Rico region of United States and it is gaining popularity as a wedding destination by the very minute. There are several reasons to get married at the exotic Caribbean island. It has tailor-made venues for weddings, lovely landscapes, and a bioluminescent bay. Here are 10 great things about Vieques that justifies its status as the hot spot for wedding destination.

10 Reasons Why You Should Wed At Vieques

  1. Does not require passports for US Citizens
     Vieques the Perfect Wedding Destination
    For couples with guests from the US, Vieques is just perfect wedding destination provided it lies within the United States. This means your guests will not require a passport to reach the wedding destination. Also, travelling to the place is a piece of cake. There are multiple flights from different US locations for San Juan, from where you can easily head towards Vieques.
  2. English Is There
    One thing that might leave you scratching your head while planning your wedding at a distant location is non-English speaking folks. This is not the case with Vieques, as the majority of the tiny population can communicate in English.
  3. Jewel of the Spanish Virgin Islands

    Thanks to its wonderful and scenic environment, the land of Vieques is titled as “the Jewel of the Spanish Virgin Islands.”
  4. Filled With Many Amazing Beaches
    The region of Vieques is filled with a number of exquisite beaches, each one worthy to be explored one at a time. You can enjoy a nice little vacation at these beaches once you’re done with your wedding. You might even like to plan to visit these on your wedding anniversaries for nostalgic value.
  5. Latest Wed Destination
    Needless to say, Vieques is a brand new wedding destination. As a great view at the Spanish Virgin Islands, the destination is a top spot to have your special occasion carried out at a new place that not many of your guests are known to.
  6. Loads of Experienced Weddings Planners
    Vieques the Perfect Wedding Destination
    As the location is becoming more and more popular wedding destination, more and more experienced wedding planners are setting up at the island. You can check out and get the best wedding planner for Vieques via their Internet profiles.
  7. Mosquito Bay
    One of the mere 7 glowing bays on the planet, Vieques Island’s Mosquito Bay is a beautiful Bioluminescent Bay. The bay glows in beautiful blue shades when its waters are disturbed. The excellent bay looks magical and romantic adding the much needed spark to your wedding. As a matter of fact, the glowing bay is the brightest of all the seven bioluminescent bays on the Earth.
  8. No Lengthy Paperwork for obtaining the Marriage License
     Vieques the Perfect Wedding Destination
    One of the best things about getting married at Vieques is the ease to obtain the marriage license. Unlike other places, you don’t need to go through tiring paperwork for getting the essential wedding certificate. Moreover, non-US citizens can also get married at the location. They’re required to show their passports as a means of identification.
  9. Various Non-expensive Venues
    Unlike other popular marriage destinations, Vieques pack a number of non-pricey venues for your big day. Each one of these venues is just too good for wedding ceremonies, while staying unique on its own at the same time. All of the wedding venues at Vieques allow you to tailor-made your special occasion according to your requirements and taste.
  10. Wild Paso Fino
    Vieques has one of the most beautiful horse breeds known as the Wild Paso Fino. Many wedding destinations at the island allow you to employ services of these horses to make your wedding more fun and enjoyable. Seeing and riding these horses will fill you with nothing other than excitement and fun.


Make sure to check out all things before heading for Vieques. This includes hiring a wedding planner and choosing the venue for the special occasion.

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