Tips for a perfect Caribbean wedding

Caribbean weddings

How about a dream wedding with sand in between your feet and the sea just behind you? Yes, you can make this dream a reality if you plan to get married at one of the best Caribbean wedding destinations. You can arrange for a special intimate wedding or make it a celebrity-style event with a lot of guests around you. So get ready for your destination wedding in the beautiful landscapes of the Caribbean. If you want to make the day memorable there are a lot of things to be planned and done properly from inviting the guests to choosing the theme and wedding cake and favors. Here are a few tips to help you plan a perfect Caribbean wedding.

1. Location

The first thing you have to do is to choose an ideal location. If you are planning for a beach wedding select a spot with a focal point for the vows. You have to decorate it appropriately, maybe with flowers to highlight the area. The best thing to do is to visit the place a few days earlier and check the spot for the space availability, logistics, seating arrangements, dining etc. Decide how you are going to organize all these to make everything very comfortable for the guests. Some of the best locations include Couples Swept Away, Jamaica, Peter Island Resort, British Virgin Islands, Royal Plantation Spa and Golf resort, Jamaica, One and Only Ocean Club, Bahamas and Anse Chastanet, St. Lucia.

2. Decor

If you have decided a theme for the wedding the decor will depend on it. Since it is going to be a beach wedding you should be very careful to prevent damages due to the natural elements. Using natural hues will be the best because they match well to the textures and tones of the beach. Decorate the tables with matching napkins and silver elements. Use wilt proof showpieces for the centerpieces. You can also use local flowering branches or orchids.

3. Appropriate time for wedding and entertainment

Since it is going to be very hot during the day time plan for an early evening wedding so that your guests do not have to melt under the sun. The best time is about 15 minutes before sunset. When it begins to get dark you may have to provide some kind of lighting arrangement too. The reception party can be made vibrant by including music like reggae, calypso, steel drums etc. Stilt dancers can enhance the party experience too. You may have to rent equipment like microphones, amps and speakers if required.

4. Decoration

Decorate the area with elements that provide casual elegance. Do not use brocades or other silky items because they may not suit well for the beach weddings. Motifs relating to the beach can also be used for the decorations.

5. Invitations

Think of various beach-themed designs for the invitations. The design has to be very simple and elegant too. One of the best options to choose is rattan-framed invitations. Use matching menu as well.

6. Guest book

The guest book is also very essential because you will know about the number of people who took part in your wedding and the blessings showered. Choose a design with images and colors relating to the sea or the beach.

7. Food

This is the most important part of the whole affair. The food has to be very delicious and interesting. Since the reception will be in the evening it is better to have a light menu to compliment the cocktail hour. Make sure that all your guests will enjoy the menu. For a memorable experience, ask your chef to include the local dishes too.

8. Drinks

Nothing is more important than drinks for a party. The best drinks you can provide for the party is the cocktail or the local brew. One of the best drinks you can provide is the frothy mango and rum drink with lime and pineapple decorated on a beautiful skewer with seashell.

9. Cake

Choosing a wedding cake can be an interesting task if you have a special theme. But remember that the wedding is going to take place on the beach and it will be quite hot there. A butter cream cake might not be suitable due to the heat. The best thing to do is to display a faux cake with layers made of Styrofoam covered with the fondant. But serve your guests the cake kept in a cool place decorated in the same manner as the faux cake. Make an inconspicuous slit on the tiers ahead so that the ceremonial cut can be made easily.

10. Wedding favors

There are a wide range of items to be given as wedding favors. Choose from various beach-themed items like sea-horses, star fish, shells etc. You can even gift candles, candies, and chocolates made in these shapes.

Other things to be taken care of are the lodging facilities for the guests if they are planning to come the day before etc. You should also check the transport facilities and ensure that the guests can reach and leave the destination on time.

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