Tips to plan a wedding in 30 days

Wedding planning

To make sure that the entire event takes place in a proper manner it is important to organize it well and plan in advance all the details – everything right from the budget, the guest list, the venue, along with the rest of the necessary arrangements. Proper planning will help you reduce the number of days that go into making all the arrangements. Arrange for professional help in making your wedding arrangements. These days, wedding planners play a crucial role in organizing and arranging wedding ceremonies and functions right down to the minutest details. But it is important to give them the right instructions, with the requirements clearly chalked out. A properly planned wedding will go along way in saving you time, money, and avoiding last minute disappointments. Precise planning will help you stick to your budget and will prevent you from going over-budget. Here, are a few tips to help you plan your wedding ins a short span of time.

1. Budget

First and foremost, fix up an amount that you can afford to spend on the wedding. Be realistic and practical in doing this, because the rest of the arrangements depend heavily on the budget. The budget will have a bearing on all the other aspects of the wedding.

2. Decide on a date

Fix the date for the special day; it is important to be reasonable while doing this. It should neither be too early, as you do need a few days to organize things and make the necessary arrangements, nor should you put it off far away. Take into account various factors such as availability of leave, suitability for the attending guests, and so on, when deciding on the date. People of some religions take the advice of their religious heads, who suggest auspicious days for the same.

3. Use the internet

These days, the internet is a boon that will help you search for and short list all the requirements for your wedding preparations; be it the caterers, the photographers, the venues, the flowers, the accommodations and bookings, the honeymoon destinations, travel plans and bookings, and so on. The possibilities with the internet are endless, and its use will help you save a trtremendous amount of time.

You can take advantage of the online means to shortlist and zero down on the correct facilities to suit your purpose and your earmarked budget, in a short span of time.

4. Search for a suitable venue

Make sure you find a venue that is located within reasonable distance for everyone to arrive. Also it should have all the necessary requirements for arranging the wedding of your dreams. Decoration plays a very important role in your wedding. After selecting the wedding venue you should also plan the arrangements, the design and the decorations. The internet can be very helpful in guiding you through this.

5. Arrange for the catering

The planning and ordering of the food to be served at the wedding needs to be done well in advance. Costs involved also need to be taken into account for this important aspect of the wedding functions. It is important to take into account the number of guests as well as the availability of the ingredients according to the season and budget, while planning the menu. Check the quality of the food served before selecting the caterers and placing the order.

6. Attire

The bride as well as the groom need to decide on their costumes and place the order for the tailoring well in advance, allowing sufficient time for trials and fittings before the special day. The attire is one of the most important aspects of a wedding.

7. Accommodation

Plan, arrange and book the accommodation for the out-station guests well before the wedding date, so as to avoid last minute disappointments like unavailability, and premium costs in hotels. You can also avail of discounts if bookings are done a number of days earlier. Get the confirmations from your guests before finalising the bookings to avoid last minute cancellations or rush for additional bookings.

8. Invitations

Send out the invites in good time to get guests’ confirmations, which will help you to book the accommodation, venue, catering and so on.

9. Photographer

Search for a good photographer so that memories of your special day are preserved beautifully. A professional photographer is indispensable at such occasions; to save time, make use of the net for this. Contact the photographer as well as confirm his attendance on the D-day well in advance.

10. Plan the Honeymoon

It will save you a lot of time, expense and anxiety if you have planned and booked for the honeymoon, after the wedding, well in advance. This will also save you a lot of last minute hassles.

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