Playful bridal shower games celebrating togetherness

Bridal shower is the biggest event just before the wedding that every girl dreams of. Whether the bride herself is hosting it, or it is a surprise from the close friends and family, the shower is for the bride to reminiscence the moments throughout her life. Bridal shower is not just about showing the bride how much she is loved, but also to fathom her love for her partner. Games which determine their compatibility, work as a confidence booster for the bride and take away marriage jitters. Here is a list of 10 unique bridal shower games to make the event unforgettable.

1. What do you know?

Groom Questios

The groom has to come up with 10 questions before the bridal shower, which he wants to ask the bride. For example, where did we first meet? What is my favorite dish? These questions have to be answered by the bride. For every wrong answer she has to perform a task as per the guest’s choice and that can be, ‘sing a song’ or ‘perform a dance’ etc.

2. The adorable Genie

The adorable Genie

Fill a bowl with paper slips which has moments written on it such as – ‘First kiss’ or ‘Anniversary dinner’ and more. Pass the bowl as each guest has to pick one slip of paper and narrate their experience according to the moment written on the paper. This game is not only of sentimental value but also provides the bride inklings regarding relationship and marriage.

3. Guess who is the groom game

Guess who is the groom

This game includes men. Make all the men stand in a row including the groom. The bride is then blindfolded and she walks by the line of men and by running her fingers through each one’s hair, she has to find out which one is her groom. She can either shout out the groom’s name when she reaches him or slowly eliminate one by one to narrow down till she finds her groom.

4. True lies

True lies

Anyone from the bride to the guest can play the game. Three statements have to be delivered and the bride has to find the wrong one. For example, the groom’s mother can say three things about him in which one is false. The bride has to find the false statement from all of them. She can be given a prize for every time she gets it right.

5. Flipping coin fun

Flipping coin fun

One of the guests will hold a coin between two fingers. Tell the bride that she will be asked a question and every time she answers, she has to pull the coin from the guest’s fingers and answer. Ask general questions first such as ‘what do you do’, ‘what is your age’ etc, for which she pulls out the coin and answers. The last question will be, ‘What would you tell your husband on your first night together’ and hold the coin firmly. Any answer the bride gives will be funny such as, ‘let it go’ or ‘you are holding it too tight’.

6. Present person

Bridal gifts

Ask the bride to open the gifts and she has to name the guest who gave them to her. Once the person is identified, the guest has to say something nice to her as a marriage wish or blessing.

7. Poster pin

Poster pin

Make a giant poster of the groom. Pin several hooks all over the poster and one on the ring finger of the groom, on the poster. The bride is then blindfolded and she has to throw rings on the poster and she wins only if she can accurately place a ring on the pin inserted on the finger of the groom’s picture.

8. Spin the bottle game

Spin the bottle game

Spin a bottle with the bride and all the guests rounded up. Each time the bottle spins and point to a person they have to name one of the best traits of their partner. The game can be played by passing a balloon for a certain piece of music and when it stops, the guest holding the balloon names their partner’s best trait.

9. Do you know the bride game

Do you know the bride game

This is a great game for the bride’s closest friends and families to play. Questions will be asked by the bride about herself such as ‘What was her first job’, and the guests with the most right answers wins a prize.

10. Husbands are…

Husbands are made of

Each guest has to write what they think husbands are made of and it can be anything from funny to silly or just loving. The best answer will be voted upon and given a prize.

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