Unique wedding traditions from around the world

The process of wedding might differ from religion to religion. People of every religion have different culture and custom. Due to this reason wedding process vary from one another. In case of marriage, every religion has some special custom which is very attractive for people of other religion as well.

Here are some wedding rituals from around the world that can help you to know the processes involved in different wedding ceremonies.

1. Wardrobe change

Wardrobe change

Place: China

Tradition:This is the most significant wedding ritual in modern China. Generally brides change three types of wedding dress in a day. The first one is the traditional ‘ q’ or ‘Cheongsam’. It is a slim fitted frock which is covered with embroidery. This frock is available in red color only because the Chinese people believe that red is the most strong and lucky color for them. Next dress in the sequence is called ‘Poufed ball gown’, which is in white color. But you never find any extraordinary workmanship in this simple dress. Third and final part is for the ‘Cocktail dress’ which is worn during the reception. There is no color restriction on this. Brides can wear the cocktail dress as per their own choice.

2. Painted hands

Painted hands

Place: India

Tradition: Painted hands are one of the most important customs for Indian people. Before an Indian bride gets married, her hands and feet get decorated with unique designs. This customs is called ‘Mehandi’. These designs are made from dry henna leaves. It stays for at least three to four weeks. Generally, the family of the bride arranges a small party while the mehandi process goes on. It is called ‘Mehandi party’. Mostly female friends and family members of the brides join this party and help the bride to get her hands painted beautifully.

3. Jumping the broom

Jumping the broom

Place: USA

Tradition: This is one of the most unusual wedding customs which is found in African-American wedding. It is a sort of jumping over a broom during the wedding ceremony. But in the recent times, this broom jumping is seldom found in African-American wedding ceremonies. This tradition was come from the early days when an enslaved man and women would declare their marriage or union by jumping over a broom together.

4. Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov

Place: USA

Tradition: It is another unconventional wedding ritual which is found in Jewish wedding. Here the groom crushes a glass under his foot at the end of the wedding ceremony. Most of the Jewish people believe that the broken glass is the spirit of happiness. Thus, all the wedding guests shout ‘mazel tov’, which means good luck, after smashing the glass.

5. Baby bridesmaids

Baby bridesmaid

Place: UK

Tradition: This is the most conventional wedding ritual which is found in royal weddings in the United Kingdom. Generally, the bride is accompanied with some young girls. The whole ceremony of marriage is held inside the cathedral in the presence of a priest. Once the marriage is complete, the bride and groom attend the reception ceremony together.

6. Peruvian cake pull

Peruvian cake pull

Place: Peru

Tradition: It is another most interesting wedding ritual in Peru. One of the female guests will put small replica wedding ring between the layers of the wedding cake, which is attached to a ribbon. Before the cake is cut, all the young women who have attended the wedding ceremony will try to grab the ribbon and pulls it. At the end of the ribbon the replica wedding ring is attached. The first of the guests who get hold of the wedding ring will be considered as next line for marriage.

7. Slaughtering a cow

Slaughtering a cow

Place: South Africa

Tradition: This is the traditional Zulu wedding ritual where you can find exciting and colorful dresses and dance, which is performed by the bride and groom’s families. Usually, Zulu brides start the day in a white wedding dress. The main wedding custom is held in the church. Once the wedding custom is completed, the bride can change her clothing and turn into a traditional tribal look. It is a traditional ceremony. The groom’s family slaughters a cow to welcome the bride. The bride places some money inside the stomach of the cow that means she is now a part of the groom’s family.

8. Joyous procession

Joyous procession

Place: Lebanon

Tradition: This is another most interesting wedding ritual which is followed in Lebanon. Here you can find a lot of music, dancing and most importantly all the guests shout right outside the groom’s room. This is called ‘Zaffe’. This is the traditional escort which is formed by the groom’s friends and family, some times professional musicians too are hired. These escorts, along with groom go to the bride’s house. Then these guests give the groom and bride showers of shouted blessings.

9. Bridal ransom

Bridal ransom

Place: Russia

Tradition: This is a ritual in the Russian wedding where you can find the groom working for his bride. Before the wedding ceremony starts, the groom show up in his bride’s home and asks for his beloved. But the family member and friends of bride refuse him until he pays them something like money, jewelry or any special gift. Once the groom is able to impresses bride’s friends and family by bridal ransom, he is allowed to meet his bride.

10. Ransom for the shoes

Ransom for the shoes

Place : India

Tradition: This is another most interesting wedding ritual which you can find in Pakistan. Here Pakistani men have to pay something to the bride’s friends in exchange of their shoes. It is like a game. Normally this ritual occurs after the wedding ceremony, when the couple returns home after completing the main event. The family and friends hold a green shawl over the couple’s heads and place a mirror in front of the bride as a gesture to remove all the evil spirits. While the newly wed couples are busy with all these, the bride’s friends jokingly hide the groom’s shoes and demand money for returning them back. If the bride’s family and friends are not impressed with money paid by the groom for the shoes, they will not return the shoes until fully satisfied.

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