Best wedding food ideas to delight your wedding guests

Food is basically considered as the backbone of every wedding celebration, and this year the world saw many new and delicious food trends. These new food trends were highly appreciated for their way of serving, and the delicious affordable food they offered. The cookies were back in fashion this year, while the retro foods were highly appreciated for their variety in tastes and structures. The food trucks and the casual food are being highly adopted in most of the weddings these days. Here is a list of 10 best wedding food trends which gained a lot of popularity in 2011.

1. Food trucks

Food trucks

The food trucks have come out to be a rage all over – for their exotic dishes and the varieties they offer. These are prominently visible in most of the cities and now have come to be part of the weddings too. The guests can get a taste of various delicious stuff at one spot through these food trucks.

2. Late night nosh

Late night nosh

The late night nosh are gaining popularity in all fields, and now have become a common sight in the weddings. The late night nosh offer delicious food and stuff which are not only afford ably prices but are also tasty. Pizza, cheese burger and all other spicy items are popular at these noshes.

3. Informality


These days the weddings are not being conducted in a very formal manner, in fact people prefer going for in formalities. They like more of partying and enjoying their drinks than the traditional stuff. This change can actually bring out fun and entertainment. The good thing about this informality is that people get a chance to experience a whole new face of wedding atmosphere.

4. Casual foods

Casual foods

The traditional food has taken a back seat and the casual food has again gained popularity among the wedding goers. The hybrid food is not so much appreciated these days and people have started preferring the casual food which are delicious and trendy. Foods like onion rings or sliders wrapped up using a newspaper, are among good choice.

5. Gluten free and vegans

Gluten free and vegans

Vegans have become the latest trend and that too with the gluten free needs are freaking popular among the weddings. These vegans are believed to add colors to the wedding and also serve delicious variety of food.

6. Pie


Pie is the latest addiction among people and this particular dessert has completely changed the meaning of food in most of the weddings. The pie is famous for its variety in taste and the shapes they are offered in. They can be anything from big to small or from sweet to savory.

7. Move over cupcakes

Move over cupcakes

The days of cupcakes are gone and it’s just the desserts in the year 2011. These desserts are fun, tasty, delicious and trendy too. The stunning pies with flavored creams and chocos made in the form of sandwich, are the best perfect alternative to the cupcakes. The best part is the various flavor they come in and the various size and shapes.

8. Interactive food

Interactive food

The creativity in making food is highly appreciated and these interactive foods are a rage all over. They are trendy, adorable and are also super-delicious. The sushi and guacamole are pretty famous among the interactive foods and are highly appreciated for their awesome taste.

9. Signature cocktails go retro

Signature cocktails go retro

Signature cocktails are the stuff people out there are talking about. Now these cocktails have taken a retro look and have mixed up the taste of 80s with the latest taste. The drinks like Yoo-hoo have become a rage among youth and adults and there is nothing that can take back this retro fever. Also, the exotic cocktail Popsicle is known for its retro delicious taste.

10. Food as art

Food as art

Art is the thing that is transforming the world around you and now it has also changed the meaning of food. These days, people prefer food not only for eating but also use them as a piece of home decor. This piece of art is not only exotic but is delicious too. The food is now made a part of decor and feel of wedding which can completely bring out new and exotic changes to the wedding homes. The cool thing about this art form of food, is that they can be transformed into adorable shapes and designs which add to the beauty of the wedding.

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