12 Things you should know about your wedding guests

Wedding guests

As you decide to walk down the aisle, the next thing that strike your mind are the preparations. You would want the wedding arrangements to be perfect for those attending your wedding. From menu planning to invitations, dresses to decor, everything has to be attended to so that nothing goes wrong. One of the greatest anxieties that people face is what the guests will think of the arrangements. Here are 12 things that you should know about your wedding guests that will help you sleep easier as the wedding day advances.

1. Enjoyment is their motive

Guests coming to a wedding are coming to participate in the ceremony of two people uniting to set out on their life together as man and wife. They are really not bothered about how the wedding was as long as it was to the liking of the couple getting married. So stop fretting about whether you have factored in something to suit everybody’s taste. Just do what you would like to do on your wedding.

2. Guests would often prefer a gift register

For many people, setting up a wedding registry seems like soliciting gifts. For most wedding guests on the other hand, choosing a gift is a difficult decision. Nobody wants to gift something that will not be of use to the couple, and typically the same set of ideas get repeated over and over again, leaving you with multiple instances of the same gift. You can set up a registry online or with a local store which the guests can then peruse to ensure that neither you nor they end up with unwanted gifts.

3. Guests are humans too

Nobody comes to a wedding expecting it to run like a perfectly oiled machine. The guests are humans too and understand the last minute jitters. Don’t be anxious about fumbling your lines, or breaking into tears. Chances are that even your slip-ups will be remembered forever as among the most wonderful moments of the wedding.

4. They might have some previously assigned engagements

They too might have their plans in place for the very day that you choose to get married. This is something that you will do well to keep in mind especially if you are considering a wedding date around the holiday season or coinciding with some big event that everyone would like to attend.

5. Most guests would not confirm on time

RSVPs have never been high on anybody’s priority list, and typically get pushed back till the last minute if at all. Do invest your time and effort tracking down confirmations, but be prepared to find many guests either sending their RSVPs way after you have placed all orders or even walking in unconfirmed at the wedding itself. You will be better off factoring this in and being grateful that they chose to participate in your big day rather than giving it a miss.

6. They would love to shake a leg

Though wedding guests might hang on to the periphery pretending they would rather not join in, at heart all of them want to let their hair down and dance, the women because they like to dance, and the men in order to impress the women. Jokes aside, guests really do love getting out there and dancing, so plan your wedding dance, your music, and your DJ with care, and prepare your bridesmaids and groomsmen to be ready to lead the way and draw the guests in. There is no better wedding than one in which the guests had a great time on the dance floor.

7. Most would prefer open bar

Most guests at a wedding have put out some time and resource to be present at your wedding. Reciprocate by having an open bar so that they do not have to pay for their own booze. It is not essential to have a snooty range of premium drinks available, but have the basic range of alcoholic drinks flowing in abundance so that the guests are kept well energized.

8. All would not be accompanied by gifts

Some guests do not see anything wrong with not bringing a gift along to a wedding. Some people do not bring gifts to a wedding on principle. Others might prefer to gift you later in the privacy of your home. Do not grudge the guests who come to your wedding without a gift. After all, you invited them to participate in your wedding, not for bringing a gift.

9. Few guests would want to stay back

Wedding parties are a big thing, and many of your guests may have made arrangements so that they can stay back and have a good time at your wedding. Make plans for the evening to continue rocking even after the main wedding and the dinner. You may want to consider an after-party at another venue so that you don’t end up overshooting your reception budget.

10. Wedding cakes would be appreciated

Wedding guests have not changed over the years. They still want the tears ruining the make-up, and the flowing bridal dresses. No matter how modern and with the times you might consider yourselves, you will want to keep that thinking aside on your wedding day, and serve up all the standard fixtures of a traditional wedding. Your wedding guests should remember your wedding as a wedding and not a shareholders’ meeting or a protest gathering of pacific activists.

11. Good music would be their choice too

This is one aspect that often gets neglected. Treat your wedding guests to great music. Invest time and thought into getting a good band or a DJ. Spend time designing a playlist that not only reflects the best of your taste, but also caters to the taste of others. Other than a smattering of traditional wedding songs, let your choice of music reflect the couple that you are. Let the music be your personal gift to your guests.

12. It is normal for them to feel hungry

Keep a small snack arrangement for the guests who stay back late after dinner, since they will get hungry with time. Food also will help soak up some of the spirits in their system, keep them a little more orderly and give them the energy to keep partying.

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