15 Best wedding destination in Arkansas to make your day perfect

The Arkansas Queen Riverboat

Arkansas, located in the southern reign of USA, offers exotic wedding destinations and venues every year. Arkansas’ brides are lucky to have the option to choose from various luxury wedding venues and make their big day even brighter and better! The state boasts of diverse wedding locations that cover outdoor scenic beauty of the state as well as the big fat ceremonial weddings’ indoor venues. The state is a sure destination for luxury weddings and the added advantage of exotic outdoor locations makes it even better. You would definitely find a lot of venues for the day, but to choose from so many options can be a tricky decision. To help you find the best option, here’s a list of the 15 best wedding destinations in Arkansas. Read about them, choose according to your own preferences and live your dream wedding in the States.

1. Thorncrown Chapel

Thorncrown Chapel

This beautiful chapel is covered with about 6,000 square feet of gardens and is one of the most favored wedding locations in Arkansas. The chapel is situated on the Ozark Mountains near the Eureka Springs in the state. The well decorated, amazingly beautiful chapel, is 48 feet tall with 425 windows all over. It is a beautiful glass cathedral and people from all over the country and abroad yearn to get married here, which has been a trend since 1980.The worship center is a large building and can accommodate about 300 guests and the chapel has the arrangement for seating about 100 people. It is one of the perfect places to happily say – “I do”.

2. The Cresent Hotel

The Cresent Hotel

The hotel has a historical value which dates back to the year 1875, when it was built as a mansion. This is again regarded as the best place to hold a big fat wedding ceremony in Arkansas. It offers 3 outdoor wedding venues. All the venues are beautifully decorated with historical and exotic native plants that capture the scenic appeal of this beautiful location in Eureka Springs close to Pivot Rock. The services include a seating capacity of 110 in the mansion, bridal salon and the all famous spa with a lot of reception locations.

3. The Peal Mansion

The Peal Mansion

The Peal Mansion is an Italianate villa mansion built in the year 1875, by colonel Samual West Peel. The Peel mansion is a heritage location and is considered as a true Arkansas treasure. The beautiful gardens and large shade trees decorate the outdoors in a fine manner and give it an aesthetic appeal. The Old State House and the Historic Arkansas Museum have fine antiques and artifacts to assist and enhance the historical presentation of the interiors.

4. The Arlington Hotel

The Arlington Hotel

The Arlington hotel has all the features which makes it a grand southern hotel and is a favorable choice to host a grand scale wedding reception. The hotel is situated in the historical location of Hot Spring National Park. The Hotel provides with flowering and catering services for ceremonies and also has facilities of a full spa and a thermal bath house. The Hotel has 3 fabulous restaurants and a national park outside.

5. Garvan Woodland Gardens

Garvan Woodland Gardens

The Garvan Gradens is a very beautiful location that provides absolutely delightful scenic beauty, appropriate to get the best wedding pictures. If the idea is to perform a very peaceful and small wedding ceremony, you can have your special ceremony performed without any reservations with up to 20 guests. But if you are planning to have a grand wedding, you have the option of Garvan Pavilion for about 100-150 guests, Magnolia Room, Klipsch Amphitheater for up to 500 guests and more to choose from according to your preferences.

6. The Peabody Hotel

The Peabody Hotel

The Peabody Hotel is a first class hotel for a wedding ceremony and related functions. The hotel offers reception facilities for parties of all sizes such as Peabody Grand Ballroom, Riverview Room, and the intimate Private Dining Room of the Capriccio Grill. The hotel also offers services like culinary for lunch to wedding cakes, catering and flower decor to make the perfect day go as smooth and hassle-free as planned. The Peabody Hotel can also be the perfect place for the couple to spend their first ceremonial night and gather the best of memories.

7. Pugh Park and the Old Mill

Pugh Park and the Old Mill

The Pugh Park and the Old Mill is such a scenic spot that it holds more than 100,000 visitors and about 200 wedding ceremonies every year. Especially in spring, the old mill becomes the perfect host to prestigious wedding ceremonies everyday without a miss. The Pugh Park and the Old Mill has been there since the good old days and hold the distinction for being portrayed in the opening scene of the classic Gone with the Wind. Even without providing a whole lot of facilities, it’s one of the favorite marriage venues in the Arkansas.

8. Chateau Aux Arc Winery

The Cheteau Aux Arc

The Chateau Aux Arc Winery located in the heart of Arkansas Wine Country, provides the natural surroundings of rock gardens and large shade trees, a very beautiful and tranquil location for your special day. The reception provides wine tasting for everyone and you can also have your personalized label wine and glasses for the wedding ceremony and the reception.

9. Trapnall Hall

The Trapnall Hall

The Tranpnal Hall has the construction of Greek Revival style architecture which dates back to the year 1843. It has the capacity to accommodate up to 225 guests for a wedding ceremony or reception. It’s one of the heritage antebellum homes of the Arkansas history. The wedding ceremonies can be performed in the north parlor, back garden and the front porch with a spacious bridal room. It is overall a very favorable location to have all kinds of ceremonies.

10. The Clinton Presidential Center

The Clinton Presidential Center

The Clinton Presidential Center provides the space and facility to hold all kinds of ceremonial functions, cocktails, luncheonettes, dinners and business meetings. The center is spread in a spacious 10,000 sq feet area which can be used to host any size wedding ceremony or reception. It also offers the Forty Two and the Great Hall for rentals and provides complete catering service for any occasion.

11. The Albert Pike Hotel

Albert Pike Hotel

The Albert Pike Hotel is a classic hotel to fit in all kinds of wedding ceremonies. It has a seating capacity of 175 in the chapel style and around 250 guests with a room twist. They provide complete catering service and space for a healthy wedding in which the staff assists you to plan the wedding according to your preferences. The restaurant provides food and beverages for the occasion and upstairs seating for additional guests.

12. The Arkansas Queen Riverboat

The Arkansas Queen Riverboat

The Arkansas Queen is a three-deck majestic riverboat which can be rented for a wedding ceremony, luncheonettes, bridal dinner and bridal shower and all other ceremonial functions. The packages differ for intimate and large gatherings and you can choose from according to the size of your guest list. The accommodation for a full dinner can be for 250 guests.

13. Bull shoals Caverns

Bull shoals Caverns

This is a chance for an utter adventurous wedding. The ceremony shall be performed literally below the earth where the wedding altar is called the Crystal Altar. The church that bears the ceremony, was built in the year 1890. The Bull shoals Caverns are available and are convenient for small private weddings.

14. The Lodge at Mount Magazine

The Lodge at Mount Magazine

The Lodge is located over a sprawling area of about 35,678 sq feet and at the highest point in Arkansas. The banquet hall can be booked for a wedding ceremony with a seating provision for about 192 persons. The Lodge also has a 125 person seating restaurant which has a classic southern cuisine menu. They provide a full catering service for all ceremonies.

15. Little Rock Hot Air Balloon

The Little Rock Hot Air balloon

Now this is what you call a real adventurous wedding! If you are planning to hold an intimate wedding, why not exchange your vows in the air rather than on land? You can also merge a party of 3-4 balloons for your closest people to experience the most unconventional way of getting married. This is not a usual marriage spot though, but is a very high value idea.

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