4 Ideas for father of the bride speech

Father of the bride speech

The wedding day is a touching moment for the father of the bride. It is tough to bid goodbye. You have a lot of things to say, but the moment you see your daughter walking down the aisle, you are bound to be speechless. The wedding traditions and rituals lends the fathers a chance to give a final speech to their loving daughter. It is difficult to decide from where to begin. It is convenient to lessen the awkwardness of the moment by preparing a speech in advance. Here are a few tips to write a perfect speech.

1. Childhood memories

This is great way to make your speech interesting for guests and especially for your loving daughter. You have seen your daughter growing as a lovely young lady, you will be having lots of special memories to share and express. This is the right moment to express this feeling to your lovely daughter. If the groom was a part of your daughter’s childhood, then including those memories will make it special and touching for the newly wedded couple. Go ahead and express you fondest memories.

2. The days to come

An amazing way to make your speech hold the guest attention for long is by adding bright colors of the future to come. This will give a beautiful dream and bright vision of future to the couple. It is nice to include your dreams, change in location, most importantly children. This will ensure a good start to your daughters married life.

3. Welcome the groom to the family

Give emphasis on the journey of the groom from a new person to son-in-law. Feel free to express your feelings about the groom when you met him for the first time. Sharing funny as well as touching moments spend with him will make the groom feel special. Also, remember to include the parents of the groom in your speech and welcome this new relation with pride and happiness.

4. Meaningful music

An amazing way to enhance the ambience of the occasion is by adding music to it. Feel free to dedicate a song for your lovely daughter. It would be great if you pick a song that holds deep meaning for you and your daughter. Choosing a song that holds great meaning for the entire family is an amazing option. It would be a marvelous moment for your daughter if you and the bride’s mother give a performance together.

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