5 beauty tips for the groom

Your wedding day is close at hand, all the preparations are made, your bride-to0be is ready to glimmer and shimmer in all her diamond glory, but what about you?? Are you going to go on your wedding day as the same uncouth man that every day, everyone sees you to be. Gone are the days when as long as the bride looked good, all was good. People can be judgmental about the groom in these modern times, so it is best that you give it your best to look spruced up and spick and span on this special day. And why not?? If your bride can do it for you, (of course, not only you), so can you. After all, clothes maketh a man, not for nothing is the saying stated.


First things first, the fundamental step is to get yourself in shape. Start going to the gym, or begin some kind of regimen, if you want to look, not brawny, but at least respectable in your wedding outfit, you need to begin shedding those extra kilos that daily basis burgers and fries have gifted on to your body. If you want to show off your best on your wedding day, start as early as possible. Whining the day before won’t help you much.

The second thing is to get yourself a face wash from the supermarket, the next time you make a visit. It may seem futile, but they actually do help. Use it as per the times prescribed, and you will notice a change in the way you look.

Beards and moustaches may give you the so called “manly” look, but trust me you, you would rather look handsome and smart on this day, rather than manly. Just take it that for one day, the definition of manly has changed. On this day, your definition of manly will be misinterpreted as “Can’t even take care of himself??” So, facial hair is out of the discussion, NO is the final answer.


Maybe you are not getting the stink of your odor, but trust me, that is the reason why all the people are shifting a bit away from you. The day will be one of hustle and bustle, so be ready tosmell your best, keep a perfume or a deodorant close at hand if so be necessary, anything to avoid giving out a stench that blows everyone away.


Lastly, get your mouth in shape too, you don’t want your pearly whities to scream out, “I need a wash” as soon as you open them. And it is your wedding, so you will have to open them quite a lot.

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